Ambey Laboratories IPO GMP, Kostak & Subject Today 2024

Ambey Laboratories IPO

Ambey Laboratories’s IPO will hit the market on July 04, 2024, and will end on July 08, 2024. The Ambey Laboratories IPO GMP Kostak rate and subject to sauda updated as of today. The Ambey Laboratories IPO Grey Market Premium has started with high premium rates at this time, we need to wait for the rates to change with the market sentiment in a few days or to stabilize the rates. You can check Ambey Laboratories IPO subscription status here.

Ambey Laboratories, incorporated in 1985, manufactures agrochemical products for crop protection. The company has been serving the agrochemical sector for almost four decades. The company manufactures and supplies 2,4-D base chemicals. The company’s manufacturing facility is in Behror, Rajasthan.

The company currently produces the following products for its customer base: large corporates like Aromatic Rasayan Private Limited, JR Jindal Infraprojects Private Limited, and SC Formulator Co. Ltd.

Ambey Laboratories IPO Issue size of ₹44.68 Crores, in which Fresh Issue of ₹42.55 Crores and Offer For Sale of ₹2.12 Crores and issue price band has been fixed at ₹65 to ₹68 Per Share. The Ambey Laboratories IPO is to be listed on July 11, 2024, on NSE, SME. You can check Ambey Laboratories IPO Allotment Status here.

What is Ambey Laboratories IPO GMP Today?

The Ambey Laboratories IPO GMP Today Or Grey Market Premium is ₹25.

What is Ambey Laboratories IPO Kostak Rates Today?

The Ambey Laboratories IPO Kostak rate is ₹0.

What is Ambey Laboratories IPO Subject to Sauda Price Today?

The Ambey Laboratories IPO Subject to Sauda rates is ₹46000.

Ambey Laboratories IPO Approximately Returns?

The Ambey Laboratories IPO’s approximate return is 40%, and it can also change according to the Market Sentiment.

Ambey Laboratories IPO GMP Live, Kostak, & Subject :

11 Jul 2024List:₹85.00
10 Jul 2024₹25 GMP Down₹0₹46000
09 Jul 2024₹35 GMP Stop₹0₹53000
08 Jul 2024₹35 GMP Down₹0₹53000
07 Jul 2024₹46 GMP Stop₹0₹67000
06 Jul 2024₹46 GMP UP₹0₹67000
05 Jul 2024₹40 GMP UP₹0₹67000
04 Jul 2024₹40 GMP UP₹0₹60800
03 Jul 2024₹32 GMP UP₹0₹50000
02 Jul 2024₹27 GMP UP₹0₹41000
01 Jul 2024₹22 GMP UP₹0₹33000
Ambey Laboratories IPO GMP

IPO GMP Facts :

  • The GMP is usually higher for IPOs of well-known companies with strong fundamentals.
  • The GMP is also likely to be higher for IPOs that are heavily subscribed.
  • It is important to do your own research before investing in an IPO, regardless of the GMP.
  • The IPO GMP is estimated, considering market volatility, limited historical data, underwriting conditions, legal risks, and potential dilution.

IPO GMP Disclaimer :

  • GMP is not an indicator of the final listing price: The GMP is just a reflection of the demand and supply of the IPO shares in the grey market. The final listing price will depend on a number of factors, including the overall market sentiment and the performance of the company in the post-IPO period.
  • The GMP can be volatile: The GMP can fluctuate significantly in the days leading up to the IPO listing. This is due to the uncertainty surrounding the final listing price and the volatility of the stock market in general.
  • There is no guarantee of profit: Even if the GMP is high, there is no guarantee that the IPO shares will list at a profit. The final listing price could be lower than the GMP, or the shares could even decline in value after listing.
  • Investing in IPOs carries risks: IPOs are considered to be high-risk investments. There is always the possibility that the company could fail, or that the shares could be diluted in the future.
  • Risk Factors: Identify and articulate the key risk factors that could impact the IPO GMP and subsequent trading of the company’s shares. These may include industry-specific risks, regulatory uncertainties, economic downturns, and competitive pressures.
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Ambey Laboratories IPO GMP, Kostak & Subject Today 2024

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