Upcoming NCD Issue 2024 NSE, BSE

Upcoming NCD Issue

Here you will be given the information on all Upcoming NCD Issues 2024. The full form of the NCD issue is Non-Convertible Debentures. It is a financial instrument that is used by companies to raise money through public issues. NCD is also called a safe and redeemable corporate bond. NCD is also a way for companies to raise money like IPO, but there is also a difference between NCD & IPO.

When a company raises money through NCDs, it takes it as a loan. Therefore, the company has to pay interest on the loan taken. NCDs have a fixed maturity date and in this, investors get returns with a fixed rate of interest.

There are two types of NCD Issues:

  • Secured NCD Issue: Secured NCDs have the security of the company. This means that if the company is not able to pay the investors their money, then the investors can recover their money by selling the assets of the company.
  • Unsecured NCD issue: There is no security of the company in this. That is, if the company is not able to return its money to the investors, then it may be difficult for the investors to get their money back. Unsecured NCDs have a higher risk than secured NCDs.

Some Important Tips for Investing in NCD Issues:

Investors should also keep the following things in mind before investing in the NCDs of any company.

  • Business Quality: The better way to understand any NCD issue is to understand the business quality of that company, what and how the company does business, and also to see how diversified that company is. If the business of the company is diversified, then the risk in such companies is less for the investors.
  • NCD Secured or Unsecured: Before investing in NCDs, investors should check whether the NCD is secured or unsecured. Secured NCDs have less risk. Apart from this, investors must also pay attention to the tenure of NCDs. In terms of risk, it is good for investors if the tenure of NCDs is short.
  • Interest Rate: Before investing in any NCD, it should be checked what is the rate of interest the company is offering. Through this, you can calculate the return after tax and inflation.
  • Rating: Rating agencies give ratings to companies according to their opinion. A company’s rating is good, it is not a guarantee that that company will perform well in the future.
  • Objective of the issue: Investors should understand the purpose for which the money is being raised. Whether the money will be used to pay off existing loans for business purposes or for capital investment. Understanding this, investors should make investment decisions.

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Upcoming NCD Issue 2024

Here is the list of upcoming NCD issues in 2024.

Upcoming NCD Issue 2024

Company Date Rating
Sakthi Finance 20 Jun - 03 Jul [ICRA] BBB (Stable)
Nido Home Finance 13 Jun - 27 Jun CRISIL A+/ Watch Negative
IIFL Samasta Finance 03 Jun - 14 Jun CRISIL AA-/ ACUITE AA
360 ONE Prime 24 May - 06 Jun CRISIL AA/Stable [ICRA] AA (stable)
Indiabulls Housing Finance 13 May - 27 May “CRISIL AA/Stable” [ICRA]AA (Stable)”
Muthoot Mercantile 06 May - 17 May IND BBB/Stable
Motilal Oswal Financial 23 Apr - 07 May CRISIL AA/Stable
Muthoot Fincorp 10 Apr - 25 Apr A- Stable (IRRPL)
Kosamattam Finance 08 Apr - 23 Apr CRISIL AA-/Stable
Edelweiss Financial Services 08 Apr - 23 Apr CRISIL A+/Stable
ICL Fincorp Limited 05 Apr - 12 Apr ACUITE BBB-
Indiabulls Housing Finance 05 Mar - 19 Mar CRISIL AA/Stable [ICRA]AA (Stable)
Navi Finserv 26 Feb - 07 Mar CRISIL A/Stable
Chemmanur Credits and Investments 20 Feb - 04 Mar IND BBB-/Stable
Nido Home Finance 13 Feb - 26 Feb CRISIL A+/Stable
UGRO Capital 08 Feb - 21 Feb IND A/Stable
Sakthi Finance 08 Feb - 21 Feb [ICRA] BBB (Stable)
Cholamandalam Investment 19 Jan - 25 Jan IND AA+/Stable ICRA AA+ (Stable)
Indel Money 30 Jan - 12 Feb CRISIL BBB+/Stable
Muthoot Finance 08 Jan - 19 Jan [ICRA] AA+/Stable
360 ONE Prime 11 Jan - 15 Jan “CRISIL AA/Stable[ICRA]AA (Stable)
Muthoot Fincorp 12 Jan - 25 Jan CRISIL AA- /Stable
Edelweiss Financial Services 09 Jan - 22 Jan “CRISIL A+/Stable
Kosamattam Finance 01 Jan - 12 Jan IND A-/Stable

NCD 2023

Company Date Rating
Indiabulls Housing Finance 07 Dec - 20 Dec CRISIL AA/Stable ICRAAA (Stable
Arka Fincap 07 Dec - 20 Dec CRISIL AA-/ Positive
IIFL Samasta Finance 04 Dec - 15 Dec CRISIL AA-/ Positive
Muthoot Mercentile Limited 04 Dec - 15 Dec IND BBB/Stable
Cholamandalam Investment 28 Nov - 11 Dec IND AA+/Stable ICRA AA+ (Stable)
ICL Fincorp Limited 28 Nov - 01 Dec ACUITE BBB- stable
Incred Financial Services 25 Oct - 07 Nov CRISIL A+/Stable
Indiabulls Housing Finance 20 Oct - 03 Nov CRISIL AA/Stable ICRA AA Stable
Piramal Enterprises 19 Oct - 30 oct CARE AA Stable ICRAAA Stable
Chemmanur Credits 16 Oct - 30 Oct CRISIL BBB-/Stable
Muthoot Fincorp Limited 13 Oct - 27 Oct CRISIL AA- /Stable
Edelweiss Financial Services 06 Oct - 19 Oct CRISIL AA-/Negative
Aditya Birla Finance Limited 27 Sep - 12 Oct IND AAA Stable [ICRA]AAA (Stable
Muthoot Finance Limited 21 Sep - 06 Oct [ICRA] AA+/Stable
Kosamattam Finance 08 Sep - 22 Sep IND A-/Stable
Indiabulls Housing Finance 06 Sep - 20 Sep CRISIL AA/Stable ICRA AA (Stable
Muthoot Fincorp 01 Sep - 14 Sep CRISIL AA-/Stable
Nido Home Finance 30 Aug - 12 Sep CRISIL AA-/Negative ICRA A+ (Stable)
KLM Axiva Finvest 24 Aug - 06 Sep IND BBB-/Stable
CreditAccess Grameen 24 Aug - 06 Sep IND AA-/Stable
Vivriti Capital Limited 18 Aug - 31 Aug ICRA A (Stable) CARE A+
Cholamandalam Investment Ltd 28 Jul - 10 Aug ICRA AA+ (Stable) IND AA+ (Stable)
Power Finance Corporation 21 Jul - 28 Jul CARE AAA, CRISIL AAA/Stable ICRA AAA, Stable
Navi Finserv 10 Jul - 13 Jul IND A/ Stable
Indiabulls Housing Finance 10 Jun - 21 Jun CRISIL AA/Stable ICRA AA (Stable)
Edelweiss Financial Services 04 Jun - 17 Jun CRISIL AA-/Negative ACUITE AA-/ Negative
IIFL Finance 09 Jun - 22 Jun CRISIL AA/Stable
Indel Money 06 Jun - 19 Jun BBB +/Stable
Cholamandalam Investment Ltd 25 Apr - 27 Apr ICRA AA+ (Stable) IND AA+ (Stable)
Sakthi Finance 17 Apr - 28 Apr ICRA BBB (Stable)
Muthoot Finance 12 Apr - 26 Apr [ICRA] AA+/Stable
Muthoot Fincorp 12 Apr - 26 Apr CRISIL AA-/Stable
Edelweiss Financial Services 06 Apr - 21 Apr CRISIL AA-/Negative ACUITE AA-/ Negative
Kosamattam Finance 11 Apr - 25 Apr IND A-/Stable
Indiabulls Commercial Credit 03 Apr - 19 Apr CRISIL AA/Stable ICRA AA (Stable)
Indiabulls Housing Finance 03 Mar - 17 Mar CRISIL AA/Stable ICRA AA (Stable)
KLM Axiva Finvest 20 Feb - 03 Mar IND BBB-/Stable
Muthoot Finance 08 Feb - 03 Mar AA+/Stable ICRA.
Indore Municipal Corporation 10 Feb - 14 Feb IND AA+/Stable CARE AA; Stable
Indiabulls Commercial Credit 05 Jan - 27 Jan CRISIL AA/Stable ICRA AA/ Stable
IIFL Finance 06 Jan - 18 Jan CRISIL AA/Stable ICRA AA (stable)
Incred Financial Services 09 jan - 27 Jan CRISIL A+/Stable
Edelweiss Financial Services 03 Jan - 23 Jan CRISIL AA-/Negative ACUITE AA-/ Negative
Muthoot Fincorp 02 Jan - 27 Jan CRISIL AA-/Stable

NCD 2022

Company Date Rating
Kosamattam Finance Limited 14 Dec - 13 Jan IND A-/Stable
Chemmanur Credits and Investments Limited 14 Dec - 06 Jan CRISIL BBB-/Stable
Indiabulls Housing Finance 01 Dec - 22 Dec CRISIL AA/Stable ICRA AA
Muthoot Finance 28 Nov - 19 Dec ICRA AA+/Stable
CreditAccess Grameen 14 Nov - 02 Dec IND AA-/Stable
NHAI Invit 17 Oct - 07 Nov CARE AAA Stable IRRPL AAA Stable
Indiabulls Housing Finance 07 Oct - 28 Oct CRISIL AA/Stable ICRA AA
Muthoot Finance Limited 06 Oct - 28 Oct ICRA AA+/Stable
Edelweiss Financial Services 03 Oct - 17 Oct CRISIL AA-/ Negative ACUITE AA-/Negative
KLM Axiva Finvest 15 Sep - 12 Oct IND BBB-/Stable
Indiabulls Housing Finance 05 Sep - 22 Sep CRISIL AA/Stable
Ugro Capital Limited 05 Sep - 20 Sep ACUITE A+
Muthoot Fincorp 05 Aug - 01 Sep CRISIL A+/Stable
Kosamattam Finance 13 July - 04 Aug BWR BBB+/Positive
Edelweiss Broking 05 July - 12 July CRISIL AA-/Negative
Indel Money Ltd 27 May - 22 June Acuite BBB+/Stable
Muthoot Finance 25 May - 17 June ICRA AA+/Stable
Navi Finserve Ltd 23 May - 02 June IND A/ Stable
Muthoottu Mini Financiers 20 Apr - 17 May CARE BBB+
Dhani Loans Service 19 Apr - 10 May IVR AA/ Stable Outlook
Sakti Finance 11 Apr - 04 May ICRA BBB Stable
Ugro Capital Ltd 07 Apr - 06 May ACUITE A+
Muthoot Finance 07 Apr - 29 Apr ICRA AA+/Stable
Edelweiss Housing 06 Apr - 26 Apr CRISIL AA-/ Negative
Indiabulls Housing 30 Mar - 22 Apr CRISIL AA/Stable BWR AA+/Stable
Kosamattam Finance 14 Mar - 08 Apr IND BBB+/ Stable
KLM Axiva Finvest 15 Feb - 11 Mar Care BB+, Positive
Incred Financial Service 24 Jan - 14 Feb CRISIL A
Muthoot Fincorp 05 Jan - 28 Jan CRISIL A+/Stable
Dhani Loans & Service 04 Jan - 27 Jan IVR AA/ Stable

NCD 2021

Company Date Rating
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd 09 Dec - 31 Dec CRISIL AA/Stable BWR AA+/Stable
IIFL Home Finance Ltd 08 Dec - 28 Dec CRISIL AA/Stable BWR AA+/ Negative
Edelweiss Financial Ltd 06 Dec - 22 Dec CRISIL AA-/Negative ACUITEE AA/Negative
Mothoottu Mini Ltd 01 Dec - 28 Dec CARE BBB+ Stable
Ugro Capital Ltd 08 Nov - 10 Nov Acuite A
KLM Axiva Ltd 30 Sep - 26 Oct CARE BB+ Stable
Muthoot Fincorp Ltd 30 Sep - 26 Oct CRISILA+/Stable
IIFL Finance Ltd 27 Sep - 08 Oct CRISIL AA/Stable BWR AA+/ Negative
Indel Money Ltd 23 Sep - 18 Oct CRISIL BBB/Stable
JM Financial Ltd 23 Sep - 01 Oct ICRA AA/Stable
Indiabulls Housing Finance 06 Sep - 20 Sep CRISIL AA/Stable BWR AA+ /Negative
Kosamattam Finance 30 Aug - 24 Sep BWR BBB+
Piramal Capital 12 Jul - 19 Jul CARE AA ICRA AA
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NCD Issue FAQs :

What are Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)?

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are a group of medical conditions that are not directly caused by infectious agents and cannot be transmitted from person to person. Common examples include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and respiratory diseases.

What are the main risk factors for NCDs?

The primary risk factors for NCDs include unhealthy lifestyle choices such as poor diet, lack of physical activity, tobacco use, and excessive alcohol consumption. Genetic factors, age, and environmental influences also contribute to the development of NCDs.

How can I prevent NCDs?

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is crucial for preventing NCDs. This includes maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption, and managing stress. Regular health check-ups and screenings can also help in early detection and prevention.

What role does diet play in NCD prevention?

A healthy and balanced diet plays a significant role in preventing NCDs. Emphasize the consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins while limiting the intake of processed foods, sugary beverages, and excessive salt. Proper nutrition supports overall well-being and reduces the risk of NCDs.

How does physical activity contribute to NCD prevention?

Regular physical activity helps maintain a healthy weight, regulates blood pressure, and improves cardiovascular health. Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week, along with muscle-strengthening activities on two or more days a week.

Can NCDs be hereditary?

Yes, some NCDs have a genetic component, meaning they may run in families. Individuals with a family history of certain conditions should be vigilant about lifestyle choices and undergo regular health screenings to detect and manage potential risks.

What are the warning signs of NCDs?

Warning signs vary depending on the specific NCD, but common symptoms include persistent fatigue, unexplained weight loss, difficulty breathing, chest pain, and changes in bowel or bladder habits. Regular health check-ups and awareness of personal health are crucial for early detection.

How can workplaces promote NCD prevention?

Employers can support NCD prevention by offering wellness programs, encouraging physical activity during breaks, providing healthy food options, and promoting a work culture that prioritizes employee well-being. Regular health screenings and awareness campaigns can also be implemented.

Is mental health linked to NCDs?

Yes, mental health plays a significant role in NCD prevention. Stress, anxiety, and depression can contribute to unhealthy behaviors such as overeating, smoking, and lack of physical activity. Prioritizing mental well-being through stress management techniques and seeking support when needed can contribute to overall health.

How can communities raise awareness about NCDs?

Community engagement is essential for raising awareness about NCDs. Organize health education programs, workshops, and campaigns to inform people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, early detection, and prevention strategies. Encourage community members to support and participate in such initiatives.


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