Rights Issue | Rights Issue Of Share | Upcoming Rights Issue 2023 NSE & BSE

Rights Issue of Shares in the stock market means to give or issue the right or right to buy shares. There are many companies listed in the stock market, which want to raise money in the market in many ways, in which the most popular is IPO. Then she brings the Upcoming Rights Issue 2023. In this rights issue, the company gives its shares at a considerable discount to the price of that share running in the market. But only the company gives the right to buy these shares to its shareholders.

The shareholders of the company can buy the shares received in the discount according to the proportion they have, the company makes an announcement for this and offers to include its share holders in the rights issue, so that they can get the shares of the company can buy shares at a discount rate.

When the company wants to raise capital. So rights issue comes up when the company needs funds for corporate expansion or major acquisitions. Then, companies also use rights issue to save themselves from the crisis. Since the rights issue results in higher equity base for the organization, it also provides with better profit opportunities.

The company becomes more comfortable when its debt-to-equity ratio decreases in future, those who have interest in the stock market consider the rights issue as an opportunity, but when the rights issue of a good company comes, then only a successful investor can enter it. Invests if he is already a shareholder of that company then only he can invest in rights issue because the company’s shares become available to him at a low discount rate. For more information and latest updates follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube etc.

Upcoming Rights Issue 2023

NameDatePriceSize (Cr)Ratio
Shukra Pharmaceuticals Soon15 Feb – 28 Feb₹20₹18.796:1
Hazoor Multi Projects Soon03 Feb – 20 Feb₹-₹45.00
Heritage Foods Soon30 Jan – 13 Feb₹5₹23.201:1
Markolines Pavement Soon27 Jan – 09 Feb₹167₹49.865:32
Indowind Energy Soon27 Jan – 10 Feb₹12₹43.082:5
Aarti Surfactants Open25 Jan – 03 Feb₹555₹49.522:17
Family Care Hospitals Open23 Jan – 07 Feb₹12₹48.92127:100
Jet Freight Logistics Open20 Jan – 31 Jan₹16.25₹37.701:1
Pacific Industries Open19 Jan – 02 Feb₹139₹47.901:1
Rajapalayam Mills Open18 Jan – 07 Feb₹569₹34.981:14
Vaxfab Enterprises Limited Open18 Jan – 10 Feb₹18₹12.966:1
Visagar Financial Services Open12 Jan – 02 Feb₹1₹49.7451:10
Quint Digital MediaClosed09 Jan – 24 Jan₹50₹12542:37
Gyscoal Alloys Limited Closed02 Jan – 12 Jan₹2.75₹49.18110:100
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Rights Issue 2022

Here we are providing the list of all the Upcoming rights issue which will be available in the market in the coming days at a discount rate for the Rights Issue 2023.

Company NameDatePriceSize (Cr)Ratio
White Organic Agro SoonAnnounced Soon₹10₹35.001:1
Orient Green Power SoonAnnounced Soon₹-₹230.00____
Earum Pharmaceuticals SoonAnnounced Soon₹2₹49.344:1
Shree Rama Multi Tech SoonAnnounced Soon₹-₹60.00____
Ellora Trading SoonAnnounced Soon₹18₹12.966:1
Anjani Portland Cement Closed30 Dec – 19 Jan₹197₹250.00 Cr1:2
AKG EXIM Limited Closed29 Dec – 25 Jan₹12₹25.422:1
Thambbi Modern Spinning Closed29 Dec – 12 Jan₹10₹5.761:1
RSWM Ltd Closed23 Dec – 06 jan₹100₹235.511:1
Hatsun Agro Product Closed19 Dec – 09 Jan₹419₹301.071:30
Samor Reality Closed12 Dec – 30 Dec₹25₹16.133:2
SMC Credits Closed12 Dec – 19 Dec₹10₹15.033:2
Adcon Capital Closed09 Dec – 23 Dec₹1₹29.5925:3
Roni Households Closed09 Dec – 23 Dec₹70₹6.071:5
Rungta Irrigation Closed09 Dec – 15 Dec₹11₹12.181.25:1
Ajooni Biotech Closed07 Dec – 15 Dec₹6₹29.0229:30
Integra Essentia Closed01 Dec – 14 Dec₹7₹49.9537:200
Compuage Infocom Closed23 Nov – 02 Dec₹20₹41.588:25
Transwarranty Finance Closed15 Nov – 29 Nov₹10₹24.461:1
Hilton Metal Forging Closed03 Nov – 11 Nov₹55₹33.002:5
Suven Life Sciences Closed31 Oct – 10 Nov₹55₹399.801:2
Suzlon Energy Closed11 Oct – 20 Oct₹5₹12005:21
Libas Consumer Prod Closed27 Sep – 07 Oct₹21₹18.522:1
Suditi Industries Closed15 Sep – 21 Sep₹30₹29.26 Cr5:9
Gautam Gems Closed15 Sep – 30 Sep (14 Oct)₹11₹40.304:1
Coastal Corporation Closed12 Sep – 27 Sep₹225₹43.421:6
Naysaa Securities Closed07 Sep – 13 Sep₹100₹8.681:4
7NR Retail Limted Closed06 Sep – 23 Sep₹1.40₹16.341:1
Tembo Global Industries Closed22 Aug – 05 Sep₹100₹36.179:25
GG Engineering Ltd Closed22 Aug – 07 Sep₹1.80₹49.9635:13
KCL Infra Project Closed22 Aug – 05 Sep₹2₹47.389:1
Add Shop E-Retail Closed17 Aug – 30 Aug₹54₹48.901:1
Mercury Metals Closed16 Aug – 30 Aug₹3₹47.9723:1
Swiss Military Cons Closed10 Aug – 25 Aug₹4.50₹44.231:1
Sandur Manganese Closed08 Aug – 29 Aug₹10₹18.392:1
Gennex Lab Closed05 Aug – 19 Aug₹6₹37.951:2
PTC Industries Closed03 Aug – 12 Aug₹10₹7.863:2
Maharashtra Corporation Closed19 July – 17 Aug₹1₹49.62 Cr11:3
Banas Finance Lmited Closed05 July – 19 July₹20₹45.25 Cr24:25
Saboo Sodium Closed27 June – 26 July₹10₹17.89 Cr74:100
Kallam Textiles Closed23 June – 07 July₹18₹9.99 Cr7:30
Satyam Silk Mills Closed16 June – 01 July₹10₹3.67 Cr5:1
Davangere Sugar Closed16 June – 15 July₹12.50₹48.00 Cr69:100
Dynemic Product Closed25 May – 08 June₹450₹254.89 Cr1:20
Bodhi Treemultimedia Closed17 May – 31 May₹100₹12.50 Cr1:1
NCL Research Closed16 May – 27 May₹1₹48.86 Cr21:25
Integra Essentia Closed16 May – 17 June₹1.80₹10033:13
TCM Limited Closed12 May – 26 May₹25₹101.97 Cr6:5
Aurum Proptech Closed26 Apr – 10 May₹80₹343.553:2
Asian Granito Closed25 Apr – 10 May₹63₹440.96 Cr37:30
Bhagiradha Chemicals Closed19 Apr – 04 May₹400₹83.84 Cr4:17
Makers Laboratories Closed18 Apr – 27 Apr₹150₹14.75 Cr1:5
Nakoda Group Closed18 Apr – 16 May₹120₹33.40 Cr1:4
SPV Global Trading Closed30 Mar – 13 Apr₹10₹17.15 Cr7:1
HCP Plastene Bulkpack Closed30 Mar – 13 Apr₹600₹264.60 Cr3:5
ASM Technology Closed28 Mar – 11 Apr₹115₹11.50 Cr1:10
Rainbow Foundation Closed25 Mar – 18 Apr₹11₹48.51 Cr8:1
Advik Capital Ltd Closed21 Mar – 07 Apr₹2.85₹49.90 Cr19:5
Wockhardt limited Closed15 Mar – 22 Mar₹225₹748 Cr3:10
Prism Global Venture Closed14 Mar – 28 Mar₹4₹48.83 Cr43:100
Tilak Ventures Closed28 Feb – 15 Mar₹5₹48.18 Cr3:4
Wardwizard Innovations Closed07 Feb – 21 Feb₹82₹48.89 Cr1:43
Joonktollee Tea-Inds Closed04 Feb – 18 Feb₹50 ₹20.71 Cr 1:1
Vidli Restaurants Closed02 Feb – 16 Feb₹10₹6.49 Cr3:2
Choice International Closed01 Feb – 15 Feb₹51₹50.75 Cr1:4
Veer Global Limited Closed31 Jan – 14 Feb₹60₹4.87 Cr1:8
Som Distilleries & Breweries Closed17 Jan – 07 Feb₹35₹17.5 Cr1:13
BN Rathi Securities Closed03 Jan – 17 Jan₹22₹7.39 Cr2:3

Rights Issue 2021 List

Company NameDatePriceSizeRatio
Shivam Autotech Ltd Closed31 Dec – 28 Jan₹18 ₹40 Cr2:9
Beardsell Limited Ltd Closed31 Dec – 14 Jan₹10₹9.37 Cr1:3
Vishvprabha Ventures Ltd Closed29 Dec – 27 Jan₹30₹4.41 Cr6:1
Ridhi Synthetics Ltd Closed20 Dec – 03 Jan₹10₹1.96 Cr4:1
Vikas Ecotech Ltd Closed07 Dec -21 Dec₹1.6₹49.44 Cr12:25
Natural Capsules Ltd Closed30 Nov – 20 Dec₹100₹31.16 Cr1:2
Swiss Military Ltd Closed24 Nov – 08 Dec₹2₹9.83 Cr1:1
Bharat Gears Ltd Closed22 Nov – 06 Dec₹105₹9.77 Cr1:10
Anuroop Packaging Ltd Closed22 Nov – 06 Dec₹13₹3.98 Cr2:5
HKG Limited Ltd Closed25 Nov – 10 Dec ₹8₹14 Cr1:1
Asian Tea Export Ltd Closed18 Nov – 02 Dec₹15₹15 Cr1:1
NXTDIGITAL Ltd Closed15 Nov – 29 Nov₹300₹288.61 Cr2:5
Vikas Lifecare Ltd Closed10 Nov – 24 Nov₹2.8₹49.54 Cr4:21
The Inidan Hotels Ltd Closed24 Nov – 08 Dec₹150₹1982.10 Cr1:9
Patel Integrated Ltd Closed09 Nov – 23 Nov₹10₹40 Cr613:399
Texmaco Rail Ltd Closed01 Nov – 15 Nov₹23₹164.51 Cr2:7
Bharti Airtel Ltd Closed05 Oct – 21 Oct₹535₹20987.39 Cr1:14
Aruna Hotels Ltd Closed29 Sep – 13 Oct₹10₹24.90 Cr83:30
Kesoram Industres Ltd Closed17 Sep – 11 Oct₹50₹400 Cr133:274
R.P.P Infra Project Ltd Closed27 Sep – 18 Oct₹30₹48 Cr3:5
Praxis home Retail Ltd Closed21 Sep – 05 Oct₹11.35₹49.49 Cr11:8
Bannari Amman Mills Ltd Closed20 Sep – 04 Oct₹30₹100 Cr21:20
Asian Granito India Ltd Closed23 Sep – 07 Oct₹100₹224.64 Cr19:29
Texel Industries Ltd Closed31 Aug – 14 Sep₹40₹12.49 Cr55:92
Scanpoint Geomtics Ltd Closed30 Aug – 13 Sep₹12.5₹24.96 Cr40:99
Megasoft Ltd Closed22 Jul – 05 Aug₹10₹29.50 Cr2:3
Aplab Limited Closed17 Jun – 01 Jul₹10₹05 Cr1:1
Vikas Ecotech Ltd Closed15 Jun – 29 Jun₹1.35₹49.12 Cr13:10
Vikas Lifecare Ltd Closed27 May – 10 Jun₹1.85₹49.10 Cr2:5
Sundram Finance Ltd Closed06 May – 04 Jun₹50₹355 Cr23:49

Rights Issue FAQs :

What is Rigts Issue?
A rights issue is a means of raising money for the company. A rights issue invites existing shareholders to purchase additional shares of the company at a discount rate within a specified time period. The rights issue provides benefits to the eligible shareholders as it helps them to acquire additional shares at a premium to the market value.

What is Right Issue Ratio?
The company gives rights to the rights issue to the shareholders according to the ratio. This essentially means that you get the right to buy the shares issued by your company in proportion to the shares held by you.

Who can apply for Rights Issue?
The Existing shareholders for the rights issue and can apply online. Existing shareholders are eligible to participate in the rights issue who are the shareholders of the company as on the record date of the company which is known as the record date fixed by the company. The company deposits the Rights Entitlement (RE) in the demat account of the share holders, which can be bought by the shareholder within a specified time period to get the rights shares.

How to apply for rights issue?
We can apply for rights issue in two ways.
1- ASBA/Net Banking Process
2- RTA (Registrar and Transfer Agent)

How to apply rights issue Via ASBA Net Banking?
An Investors can also apply for rights issue through ASBA Net banking, first of all,
One has to go to his/her brokerage account online, and select the option of ASBA services.
Then select IPO/FPO/Buyback option here you will see all available rights issue
Fill in the quantity you wish to buy and submit the application.
Check the Terms and Conditions box and then submit the application

How to apply for Rights issue via RTA?
You may also submit an online application through the RWAP application that can be accessed at https://rights.kfintech.com/
Here click on the tab and apply for Rights issue through RWAP.
It will then ask for shareholder details like PAN card number, DP ID, Folio no, etc. You will have to fill this online.
And then you have to make payment through Net Banking/UPI.
However, remember in UPI there is a limit of 2 lacs.
The amount will be debited from your bank immediately for every share applied.

Can I Buy Rights Issue?
The rights issue shares can be purchased on the basis of rights entitlements credited to only eligible shareholders of the company as on the record date.

Can I Sell Rights Issue?
When shareholders do not wish to buy their rights issue, they can sell their rights in the open market through the rights entitlement trading platform of the stock exchange or through off-market transactions. This is known as relinquishment of rights shares. Once a shareholder relinquishes his rights partially or wholly, he cannot apply for any additional rights shares at a later stage.