IPO Listing, Latest IPO Listing 2021, Listing Gains Price

IPO Listing As the new financial year begins, the IPO has started coming to the Indian stock market. In the year 2020, the IPO has made very good profits and many IPOs have rewarded the investors and many IPOs have sunk the money of the investors. However, the list of upcoming IPOs in 2021 is very big, which investors are trying their claim, in the upcoming Upcoming IPO, many companies will soon list their IPO in the Indian stock market, so that investors will be able to invest their money and earn good profits.

ipo listing date

We will tell you the names of all those companies coming here in this list, which are ready in the Indian stock market (NSE) for IPO Listing recently, you can see the names of all those companies in this list and know about them.

We do not recommend you to invest in any companies, so you should invest your money in research and research.

Latest Mainboard IPO Listing Date

IPO NameAllotment DateListing DateListing Price
Paras Defence28 Sep 20211 Oct 2021₹469
Sansera Engineering21 Sep 202124 Sep 2021₹811.50
Ami Organics11 Sep 202114 Sep 2021₹910
Vijaya Diagnostic11 Sep 202114 Sep 2021₹540
Chemplast Sanmar18 Aug 202124 Aug 2021₹333
Aptus Value Housing18 Aug 202124 Aug 2021₹550
Nuvoco Vistas17 Aug 202123 Aug 2021₹485
CarTrade17 Aug 202123 Aug 2021₹1599.80
Devyani International11 Aug 202116 Aug 2021₹140.90
Krsnaa Diagnostics11 Aug 202116 Aug 2021₹1005.55
Windlas Biotech11 Aug 202116 Aug 2021₹437
Exxaro Tiles11 Aug 202116 Aug 2021₹126
Rolex Rings4 Aug 20219 Aug 2021₹1250
Glenmark Life Science3 Aug 20216 Aug 2021₹750
Tatva Chintan Pharma26 July 202129 July 2021₹2111.85
Zomato22 July 202123 July 2021₹116
Clean Science Tech14 July 202119 July 2021₹1755
G R Infra project14 July 202119 July 2021₹1715.85
India Pesticides30 June 20215 July 2021₹350
KIMS Hospital23 June 202128 June 2021₹1009
Dodla Dairy23 June 202128 June 2021₹550
Sona Comstar21 June 202124 June 2021₹301
Shyam Metalics 21 June 202124 June 2021₹380
PowerGrid invIT10 May 202117 May 2021
Kuberan Global30 Apr 20215 May 2021
Lodha Developers16 Apr 202122 Apr 2021₹436
NIKS TechnologyApr 2021Apr 2021
Siddhika CoatingApr 2021Apr 2021
EKI Energy1 Apr 20217 Apr 2021
V-Marc India6 Apr 20219 Apr 2021
Rajeswari Cans9 Apr 202115 Apr 2021
Jetmall Spices12 Apr 202119 Apr 2021

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SME IPO Listing Details

SME IPOAllotment DateListing DateListing Price
Jainam Ferro Alloys5 Oct 20218 Oct 2021₹73
Getalong Enterprises5 Oct 20218 Oct 2021₹73.05
Quadpro ITes Limited27 Sep 202130 Sep 2021
SBL Infratech23 Sep 202128 Sep 2021₹130.00
Markolines Traffic Controls23 Sep 202127 Sep 2021₹62.20
Prevest Denpro22 Sep 202127 Sep 2021₹180.55
BEW Engineering13 Sep 202116 Sep 2021₹127.60
Platinumone Business Services13 Sep 202116 Sep 2021₹99.95
Naapbooks11 Sep 202115 Sep 2021₹77
Du Digital20 Aug 202126 Aug 2021₹60
Aashka Hospital18 Aug 20211 Sep 2021₹121.10
Rex Pipes and Cable5 Aug 202110 Aug 2021₹26.70
NPST5 Aug 202110 Aug 2021₹83.95
Gretex Corporate4 Aug 20219 Aug 2021₹172
AA PlusTrade19 July 202122 July 2021₹17.50
Walpar Nutritions8 July 202113 July 2021₹59.95
Focus Bussiness8 July 202113 July 2021₹29.35

IPO Listing FAQs :

What is IPO Listing?
When an IPO is listed in the stock market, it is called an IPO listing.

What is the IPO Listing Date?
The date on which the IPO is listed in the stock market is called the listing date, which determines the companies.

What is IPO Listing Gain?
If an IPO is listed in the stock market above its issue price, then it is called Listing Gain.

What is IPO Listing Loss?
If the IPO is listed below its issue price, you are at a loss which is called a loss on the day of IPO listing.

Can I sell IPO After Listing?
Yes, we can sell our shares after the IPO listing if you have an allotment only.

Can IPO shares be sold on listing day?
Yes, you can sell your shares on the day of Listing Day.


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