Share Buyback 2022 – Buyback Share List 2022

Share Buyback

When a company Buyback its Shares from its Shareholders, it is called Share Buyback. To Buyback the Shares, The company buys shares from its existing investors at a price higher than the market value of the shares. The company buys Share Buyback 2022 from its shareholders mainly in two ways.

  • Tender offer: Through this offer, the company proposes to buy back its shares from its shareholders.
  • Open Market: Through this offer, the company announces the purchase of shares from the open market.
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Share Buyback Facts :

  • The company proposes to Buyback Shares from its shareholders if the company has excess cash.
  • The company uses its excess cash through share buybacks. Promoters Buyback Shares to increase their stake in the company and thereby reduce the risk of takeovers. Attempts to boost earnings per share (EPS) |
  • The company reduces the number of shares in the market by buying shares at a premium and increases the promoter’s holding. The common reason for a share buyback or Buyback is also to distribute excess cash to shareholders The buyback offer is usually higher than the present value of the share. When the company feels that the price of the stock is undervalued, stock buyback is used to increase the price of the share.
  • Companies also offer buybacks for tax benefits.
  • The company buys shares from shareholders at a price higher than the current market price.
  • The possibility of a rise in the shares of the company increases. This is seen as a positive sign.
  • Through share buybacks, the company distributes its surplus cash to shareholders in exchange for shares. There is also an increase in the price of shares.
  • The valuation of shareholders’ shares also increases, which increases their returns. Because the company is buying its own shares.

Here we will tell you about all the companies doing Share Buyback 2022, who wants to Buyback the Shares, in this table you can know the name of the companies that Buyback the Shares.

Share Buyback 2022

CompanyDateRecord DateB.PriceBuyback Type
TCS BuybackSoonSoon₹4500 Tender Offer
Ajanta PharmaSoon14 Jan 2022₹2550.00Tender Offer
MOIL LimitedSoon31 Dec 2022₹205.00Tender Offer
James Warren TeaSoon14 Jan 2022₹295.00Tender Offer
MPS Limited14 Jan – 28 Jan17 Dec 2021 ₹900.00Tender Offer
Weizmann Limited13 Jan – 27 Jan10 Dec 2021 ₹60.00Tender Offer
Cheviot Company10 Jan – 21 Jan17 Dec 2021₹1725.00Tender Offer
Great Eastern Shipping07 Jan – 06 JulO/M₹333.00Open Market
Nucleus Software03 Jan – 14 Jan27 Nov 2021₹700.00Tender Offer

Share Buyback 2021

CompanyPrice Record Date
Rishiroop Limited₹125Tender Offer
Kaveri Seed₹850Open Market
Mahalaxmi Rubtech₹70Tender Offer
eClerx Services₹3200Tender Offer
Star Cement₹150Tender Offer
Balrampur Chini₹410Open Market
R System₹225Tender Offer
Shriram Pistons & Rings₹1020Tender Offer
Goldiam International₹675Tender Offer
Gandhi Special Tubes₹550Tender Offer
Infosys₹1750Open Market
Navneet Education₹100Open Market
InfoBeans Technologies₹2327 May 2021
Insecticides India₹575Open Market
Aarti Drugs₹10001 Apr 2021
Quick Heal₹2453 May 2021
Welspun India₹12026 May 2021
Jagran Prakashan₹60
Nava Bharat Ventures₹100
Savita Oil Technology₹1400
SIS Limited₹550
Gujrat Apollo₹222
SEBI recently took some Drastic steps in the matter of Share Buyback.

“SEBI has made some important proposals for changes in its rules in view of the misuse of Share Buyback provisions by companies. Under this proposal, the company will announce that it will buy at least Fifty Percent of the shares through buyback. And for this, at least twenty-five percent of the amount has to be kept in the escrow account. Also, SEBI has reduced the buyback period from 12 months to 3 months”.

Share Buyback FAQs :

What is Share Buyback?
When a company Buyback Shares from its shareholders, it is called Share Buyback.

What is Share Buyback Record Date?
The company sets a specific Date for Buyback of Shares. If the investor is to receive the Buyback Dividend, Bonus Shares, etc. then the shares on Record Date should be in his Demat Account which is called the Share Buyback Record Date.

What is Share Buyback Open Date?
When the issue of Share Buyback is opened to bid, then that date is called Share Buyback Open Date.

What is Share Buyback Close Date?
When the issue of Share Buyback is closed, that date is called Share Buyback Close Date.

What is Share Buyback Price?
The company decides the price of a certain share to make a share buyback, this price is called the Share Buyback Price.

What is Share Buyback Tender Offer?
When a company proposes to buy shares at a certain price at a certain time from each shareholder of a publicly traded company, it is called a Share Buyback Tender Offer.

What is Share Buyback Open Market?
This buyback process of the company is a long-term process, here the company does not take shares from investors because the companies buy their own Shares from the Open Market.


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