IPO Subscription Status 2021 Live Update

IPO Subscription status

Here you can know about the Total IPO subscription status of any company, how much IPO was subscribed by which company, tell you that after getting approval from the market regulator SEBI to bring an IPO of any company The IPO withdrawn by is subscribed to. Main Board IPOs are subscribed for 3 days, in which the IPO is subscribed by QIB Qualified Institutional buyer, NII Non-Institutional Investor, and RII Retail Individual Investor.

On this page, you can see the IPO of the company whose subscription you want to see by clicking on the IPO link of that company.

Here you can see check online IPO Subscription Live Data Subscription on this page you can check out a day-by-day subscription then click IPO name and check full IPO Subscription Status.

Mainboard IPO Subscription Status Live

Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Closed10.36x4.39x3.24x1.53x5.24x
Paras Defense Closed169.65x927.70x112.81x0.0x304.26x
Sansera Engineering Closed26.47x11.37x3.15x1.37x11.47x
Vijaya Diagnostics Closed13.07x1.32x1.09x0.98x4.54x
Ami Organics Closed86.64x151.81x13.36x0.0x64.54x
Aptus Value Home Finance Closed32.41x33.91x1.35x0.0x17.20x
Chemplast Sanmar Closed2.70x1.03x2.29x0.0x2.17x
Nuvoco Vistas Closed4.23x0.66x0.73x0.0x1.71x
CarTrade Closed35.45x41.00x2.75x0.0x20.29x
Krsnaa Diagnostics Closed49.83x116.30x41.81x0.98x64.36x
Windlas Biotech Closed24.40x15.73x24.14x0.0x22.40x
Exxaro Tiles Closed17.67x5.36x39.90x2.53x22.58x
Devyani International Closed95.27x213.06x39.37x4.70x116.68x
Rolex Rings Closed143.58x360.11x24.48x0.0x130.43x
Glenmark Life Sciences CLosed36.97x122.54x14.63x0.0x44.17x
Tatva Chintan Pharma Closed185.23x512.22x35.35x0.0x180.36x
Zomato Closed51.79x32.96x7.45x0.62x38.25x
Clean Science Tech Closed156.37x206.43x9.00x0.00x93.41x
G R Infra project Closed168.58x238.04x12.57x1.37x102.58x
India Pesticides Closed42.95x51.88x11.30x0.00x29.04x
KIMS Hospital Closed5.26x1.89x2.90x1.06x3.86x
Dodla Dairy Closed84.88x73.26x11.34x45.62x
Sona Comstar Closed3.46x0.39x1.58x2.28x
Shyam Metalics Closed155.71x339.98x11.64x1.55x121.43x
Powergrid InviT Closed4.63x5.07X4.83x
Kuberan Global Closed1.41x5.18x3.30x
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SME IPO Subscription Status Live

Kotyrak Industries Open0.0x2.15x1.65x1.90x
DK Enterprises Closed0.0x7.43x17.40x12.41x
CWD Limited Closed0.0x1.91x0.71x1.31x
Adishakti Loha and Ispat Closed0.0x0.81x2.87x1.84x
Bombay Matrics Closed0.0x16.30x20.69x18.50x
Samor Reality Closed0.0x2.55x0.94x1.74x
Promax Power Limited Closed0.0x2.39x11.38x6.89x
Dynamic Services & Security Closed0.0x2.33x1.56x1.94x
Destiny Logistics & Infra Closed0.0x2.13x7.43x4.78x
Shri Venkatesh Refineries Closed0.0x2.43x3.81x3.12x
Jainam Ferro Alloys Closed0.0x6.23x7.07x6.65x
Getalong Enterprises Closed0.0x2.07x2.11x2.09x
Quadpro ITES Closed0.0x8.71x23.53x16.12x
Markolines Traffic Control Closed0.0x2.78x1.57x2.18x
Prevest Denpro Closed5.78x78.98x32.87x38.12x
SBL Infratech Closed0.0x0.76x2.37x1.56x
Platinumone Bussiness Service Closed0.0x3.34x2.65x2.99x
BEW Engineering Closed0.0x18.51x24.79x21.65x
Naapbooks Closed4.0x0.60x2.52x1.58x
DU Digital Closed0.0x6.71x39.28x22.99x
Aashka Hospitals Closed0.0x2.02x0.75x1.30x
Rex Pipes and Cable Closed0.0x6.84x41.13x23.99x
Network People Service Closed1.10x10.40x50.68x22.37x
Gretex Corporate service Closed0.0x2.37x12.17x7.27x
AA Plus Tradelink Closed0.0x0.32x2.61x1.46x
Walpar Nutritions Closed0.0x1.01x17.94x9.48x
Focus Business Solution Closed0.0x3.22x10.10x6.66x
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IPO Subscription FAQs:

What is IPO Subscription?
Whenever an investor invests in an IPO. So in the subscription data of the company, it is counted, which shows how much demand is in the future, it shows that when the IPO membership becomes high, then the allotment of IPO is done by a lottery system. If you understand it in simple language, then if the IPO of any company is of 100 shares and 800 people have applied for it, then it means that the IPO has been subscribed 8 times, in which the ratio of 8:1 is made, it means out of 8 people. That IPO will be allotted to only one person.

What is the Total subscription in IPO?
When all the categories of QIB, NII, RII & EMP in any IPO are subscribed by all the investors and the total subscription thereof is called total subscription.

What is the QIB subscription?
When an IPO is subscribed by a qualified Institution Buyer in any IPO, it is called QIB Subscription.

What is the NII subscription?
When an IPO is subscribed by a Non-Institutional Buyer in any IPO, it is called NII Subscription.

What is the RII subscription?
When IPO is subscribed by a Retail Investors Buyer in any IPO, it is called RII Subscription.

What is the EMP subscription?
When the IPO is subscribed by the Employee Buyer of the company in an IPO, it is called EMP Subscription.


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