IPO Subscription Status Live from NSE & BSE 2024

Here you can know about the total IPO subscription status of any company, how much IPO was subscribed by which company, tell you that after getting approval from the market regulator SEBI to bring an IPO of any company The IPO withdrawn by is subscribed to. Main Board IPOs are subscribed for 3 days, in which the IPO is subscribed by QIB Qualified Institutional buyer, NII Non-Institutional Investor, and RII Retail Individual Investor.

On this page, you can see the IPO of the company whose subscription you want to see by clicking on the IPO link of that company.

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IPO Subscription Status Live 2024

Last Update : 15/07/2024 ........ 02:30 Pm 🔄
Company QIB NII RII EMP Total
SAR Televenture FPO 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x
Sanstar 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x
Macobs Technologies 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x
Kataria Industries 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x
Tunwal E-Motors 0.0x 0.24x 0.61x 0.0x 0.43x
Three M Paper Boards 0.0x 18.04x 27.00x 0.0x 17.37x
Prizor Viztech 0.0x 36.63x 66.29x 0.0x 41.09x
Sati Poly Plast 0.0x 76.66x 143.90x 0.0x 88.39x
Aelea Commodities 0.0x 29.20x 30.85x 0.0x 21.69x
Sahaj Solar 128.77x 479.72x 399.17x 0.0x 334.98x

IPO Subscription Status Yearwise

Mainline IPO Subscription Status 2024
Company QIB NII RII EMP Total
Bansal Wire 146.05x 51.54x 13.64x 0.0x 59.37x
Emcure Pharma 195.83x 48.32x 7.21x 8.81x 67.87x
Vraj Iron and Steel 173.99x 221.66x 58.31x 0.0x 126.36x
Allied Blenders 53.01x 34.09x 4.73x 0.0x 24.85x
Stanley lifestyles 215.62x 121.42x 19.08x 0.0x 97.16x
Aasaan Loans 28.12x 129.98x 44.58x 0.0x 54.49x
DEE Development Engineers 206.54x 149.38x 23.66x 0.0x 103.03x
ixigo 106.73x 110.25x 53.95x 0.0x 98.10x
Kronox Lab Sciences 89.03x 301.92x 54.24x 0.0x 117.25x
Awfis Space Solutions 116.95x 129.27x 53.23x 0.0x 108.17x
Go Digit General Insurance 12.56x 7.24x 4.27x 0.0x 9.60x
TBO Tek 125.51x 50.60x 25.72x 0.0x 86.69x
Aadhar Housing Finance 76.42x 17.33x 2.58x 0.0x 26.76x
Indegene 192.72x 55.91x 7.86x 0.0x 70.30x
JNK India 75.72x 23.26x 4.11x 0.0x 28.13x
Vodafone Idea FPO 19.31x 4.54x 1.01x 0.0x 6.99x
Bharti Hexacom 48.57x 10.52x 2.83x 0.0x 29.88x
SRM Contractors 59.59x 214.94x 46.97x 0.0x 86.57x
Krystal Integrated Services 7.32x 45.23x 3.42x 0.0x 13.49x
Popular Vehicles & Services 1.92x 0.67x 1.07x 0.0x 1.25x
Gopal Snacks 18.42x 10.00x 4.22x 7.27x 9.50x
JG Chemicals 32.09x 46.33x 17.44x 0.0x 27.78x
R K SWAMY 20.58x 34.36x 34.03x 2.52x 25.94x
Mukka Proteins 189.28x 250.39x 58.52x 0.0x 136.99x
Bharat Highways InvIT 6.59x 6.93x 0.0x 0.0x 6.74x
Exicom Tele-Systems 124.82x 159.29x 124.27x 0.0x 133.56x
Platinum Industries 151.00x 141.79x 50.92x 0.0x 98.99x
GPT Healthcare 17.30x 11.02x 2.44x 0.0x 8.52x
Juniper Hotels 3.11x 0.89x 1.31x 0.0x 2.18x
Vibhor Steel Tubes 191.41x 772.49x 201.52x 215.79x 320.05x
Entero Healthcare Solutions 2.28x 0.22x 1.33x 1.25x 1.53x
Capital Small Finance Bank 6.86x 4.23x 2.60x 0.0x 4.17x
Jana Small Finance Bank 39.81x 26.13x 5.70x 0.0x 19.89x
Rashi Peripherals 151.45x 66.15x 11.01x 0.0x 62.95x
Apeejay Surrendra Park 79.23x 55.26x 32.00x 5.73x 62.91x
BLS E-Services 123.30x 300.05x 236.53x 15.30x 162.38x
Nova Agri Tech 81.13x 233.03x 80.20x 0.0x 113.21x
EPACK Durable 25.59x 29.07x 6.50x 0.0x 16.79x
Medi Assist Healthcare 40.14x 14.85x 3.19x 0.0x 16.25x
Jyoti CNC Automation 46.37x 38.33x 27.50x 0.0x 40.49x
SME IPO Subscription Status 2024
Company QIB NII RII EMP Total
Ganesh Green Bharat 12.20x 59.27x 78.78x 0.0x 54.76x
Effwa Infra & Research 0.36x 62.76x 119.99x 0.0x 73.96x
Ambey Laboratories 61.90x 324.22x 195.06x 0.0x 173.18x
Nephro Care India 245.14x 1787.19x 634.12x 0.0x 715.78x
Diensten Tech 9.6x 154.99x 35.87x 0.0x 53.94x
Visaman Global Sales 0.0x 28.12x 51.54x 0.0x 42.2x
Petro Carbon and Chemicals 94.49x 129.91x 74.34x 0.0x 92.01x
Divine Power Energy 135.84x 473.74x 507.94x 0.0x 393.67x
Akiko Global Services 10.21x 48.05x 45.57x 0.0x 34.96x
Mason Infratech 13.4x 50.2x 36.59x 0.0x 32.89x
Sylvan Plyboard 0.0x 75.42x 84.11x 0.0x 84.03x
Shivalic Power Control 170.32x 436.37x 230.14x 0.0x 257.24x
Medicamen Organics 173.03x 1343.83x 1309.77x 0.0x 993.56x
Winny Immigration 0.0x 109.65x 190.66x 0.0x 154.67x
Dindigul Farm Product 145.62x 280.06x 201.44x 0.0x 202.35x
Falcon Technoprojects 0.0x 45.02x 82.72x 0.0x 65.32x
Durlax Top Surface 48.29x 415.06x 193.95x 0.0x 166.79x
GEM Enviro Management 160.22x 462.89x 240.25x 0.0x 265.13x
GP Eco Solutions 236.64x 1824.87x 793.2x 0.0x 856.21x
United Cotfab 0.0x 114.71x 77.22x 0.0x 107.16x
3C IT Solutions 0.0x 10.63x 29.79x 0.0x 20.21x
Sattrix Information 0.0x 87.88x 37.76x 0.0x 70.44x
Magenta Lifecare 0.0x 1145.78x 778.41x 0.0x 983.19x
TBI Corn Limited 81.41x 516.5x 523.29x 0.0x 231.21x
Associated Coaters 0.0x 239.63x 494.99x 0.0x 371.14x
Aimtron Electronics 69.93x 202.74x 71.62x 0.0x 99.24x
Ztech India 123.1x 832.37x 315.59x 0.0x 371.39x
Beacon Trusteeship 163.86x 779.36x 502.1x 0.0x 465x
Vilas Transcore 114.64x 449.21x 151.42x 0.0x 204.77x
GSM Foils Limited 0.0x 259.51x 247.01x 0.0x 257.26x
HOAC Foods India 0.0x 1432.6x 2556.46x 0.0x 2013.64x
Rulka Electricals 204.22x 1350.15x 658.32x 0.0x 676.83x
Quest Laboratories 57.2x 184.1x 57.63x 0.0x 85.26x
Indian Emulsifier 175.95x 779.63x 484.66x 0.0x 460.07x
Veritaas Advertising 102.41x 629.56x 989.44x 0.0x 621.62x
Mandeep Auto Industries 0.0x 61.54x 90.57x 0.0x 77.23x
ABS Marine Services 109.3x 270.94x 110.24x 0.0x 144.44x
Piotex Industries 0.0x 115.21x 93.33x 0.0x 107.44x
Aztec Fluids & Machinery 107.93x 341.94x 228.43x 0.0x 218.38x
Premier Roadlines 89.95x 180.25x 106.5x 0.0x 117.57x
Energy Mission 161.92x 605.19x 289.36x 0.0x 320.67x
TGIF Agribusiness 0.0x 35.35x 32.92x 0.0x 37.13x
Silkflex Polymers 0.0x 36.59x 35.97x 0.0x 39.3x
Finelistings Technologies 0.0x 29.85x 38.96x 0.0x 37.44x
Refractory Shapes 90.59x 464.43x 259.56x 0.0x 255.08x
Winsol Engineers 207.23x 1087.81x 780.15x 0.0x 682.14x
Slone Infosystems 0.0x 756.88x 540.8x 0.0x 667.81x
Sai Swami Metals 0.0x 533.83x 529.01x 0.0x 543.72x
Amkay Products 173.04x 987.34x 973.14x 0.0x 748.03x
Storage Technologies 117.86x 577.02x 242.74x 0.0x 278.82x
Shivam Chemicals 0.0x 4.33x 8.88x 0.0x 6.61x
Varyaa Creations 0.0x 1.08x 6.09x 0.0x 3.59x
Emmforce Autotech 160.58x 861.98x 267.62x 0.0x 364.37x
Faalcon Concept 0.0x 93.27x 47.17x 0.0x 71.28x
Grill Splendour Services 0.0x 4.59x 12.78x 0.0x 8.68x
Ramdevbaba Solvent 65.95x 314.46x 79.96x 0.0x 124.21x
Greenhitech Ventures 0.0x 70.56x 140.06x 0.0x 108.86x
DCG Wires & Cables 0.0x 11.39x 20.24x 0.0x 16.16x
Teerth Gopicon 0.0x 97.12x 44.33x 0.0x 75.54x
Creative Graphics Solutions 98.79x 472.85x 144.63x 0.0x 201.86x
Aluwind Architectural 0.0x 5.23x 10.71x 0.0x 8.19x
Yash Optics 19.88x 85.27x 32.46x 0.0x 42.17x
K2 Infragen 23.37x 113.98x 40.70x 0.0x 51.47x
Jay Kailash Namkeen 2.32x 68.93x 50.99x 0.0x 40.02x
TAC Infosec 141.29x 768.89x 433.80x 0.0x 422.03x
Radiowalla 87.96x 491.86x 353.98x 0.0x 307.54x
GConnect Logitech 0.0x 42.90x 71.74x 0.0x 57.38x
Aspire & Innovative 5.21x 21.60x 16.39x 0.0x 15.17x
Blue Pebble 21.77x 97.31x 0.0x 58.40x 56.32x
Vruddhi Engineering Works 1.05x 28.14x 20.10x 0.0x 12.67x
Trust Fintech 0.0x 244.48x 75.10x 0.0x 108.63x
Naman In-Store 0.0x 528.12x 328.80x 0.0x 309.03x
Vishwas Agri Seeds 0.0x 12.80x 11.57x 0.0x 12.21x
Omfurn India FPO 1.00x 3.02x 6.33x 0.0x 3.57x
Chatha Foods 8.54x 44.52x 14.60x 0.0x 19.28x
Enser Communications 0.0x 3.64x 10.92x 0.0x 7.29x
Enfuse Solutions 99.97x 953.22x 248.42x 0.0x 357.31x
KP Green Engineering 31.86x 48.23x 20.12x 0.0x 29.50x
AVP Infracon 1.05x 46.15x 22.49x 0.0x 21.45x
Royal Sense 0.0x 9.72x 7.32x 0.0x 8.52x
Signoria Creation 107.56x 1290.56x 649.88x 0.0x 666.32x
Pratham EPC Projects 70.28x 320.53x 179.48x 0.0x 178.54x
Pune E-Stock Broking 123.02x 775.99x 338.92x 0.0x 371.16x
Koura Fine Diamond Jewelry 0.0x 373.66x 1083.98x 0.0x 733.01x
Shree Karni Fabcom 112.94x 461.58x 330.45x 0.0x 296.43x
Sona Machinery 129.72x 554.42x 235.06x 0.0x 273.50x
V R Infraspace 0.0x 85.21x 90.55x 0.0x 93.41x
Sona Machinery 129.72x 554.42x 235.06x 0.0x 273.50x
V R Infraspace 0.0x 85.21x 90.55x 0.0x 93.41x
M.V.K. Agro Food 0.0x 3.90x 13.01x 0.0x 8.46x
Purv Flexipack 157.32x 690.72x 448.73x 0.0x 421.78x
Owais Metal and Mineral Processing 92.06x 329.36x 248.50x 0.0x 221.18x
Sadhav Shipping 0.0x 184.58x 65.52x 0.0x 135.69x
Deem Roll Tech 0.0x 311.95x 180.50x 0.0x 256.55x
Zenith Drugs 106.72x 368.77x 139.28x 0.0x 179.18x
Esconet Technologies 156.02x 868.05x 553.02x 0.0x 507.24x
Kalahridhaan Trendz 0.0x 6.66x 9.63x 0.0x 8.15x
Thaai Casting 144.43x 729.72x 355.66x 0.0x 375.43x
Atmastco 0.0x 14.92x 18.24x 0.0x 17.61x
Interiors and More 3.54x 30.32x 7.41x 0.0x 11.22x
Wise Travel India 106.69x 375.56x 108.76x 0.0x 163.46x
Polysil Irrigation Systems 0.0x 2.12x 11.62x 0.0x 6.88x
Alpex Solar 141.48x 502.31x 351.89x 0.0x 324.03x
Rudra Gas Enterprise 0.0x 286.62x 404.38x 0.0x 350.75x
Italian Edibles 0.0x 177.37x 120.62x 0.0x 154.43x
Gabriel Pet Straps 0.00x 361.56x 122.92x 0.0x 246.20x
Baweja Studios 2.17x 1.08x 4.20x 0.0x 2.62x
Mayank Cattle Food 0.00x 5.90x 11.77x 0.0x 8.83x
Harshdeep Hortico 213.53x 181.95x 98.25x 0.0x 131.69x
Megatherm Induction 105.14x 307.04x 200.51x 0.0x 196.11x
Docmode Health Technologies 0.00x 194.90x 230.38x 0.0x 215.24x
DelaPlex 90.91x 335.23x 159.91x 0.0x 177.80x
Fonebox SME 138.69x 819.99x 886.32x 0.0x 659.42x
Brisk Technovision 0.00x 58.14x 35.87x 0.0x 47.10x
Euphoria Infotech India 413.26x 280.88x 426.65x 0.0x 383.86x
Konstelec Engineers 113.80x 421.36x 437.67x 0.0x 341.80x
Lawsikho 116.27x 414.44x 301.71x 0.0x 273.12x
Qualitek Labs 0.00x 69.37x 39.23x 0.0x 58.95x
Maxposure 162.35x 1947.55x 1034.23x 0.0x 987.47x
Shree Marutinandan Tubes 0.00x 32.67x 59.71x 0.0x 47.16x
New Swan Multitech 110.69x 739.72x 388.23x 0.0x 384.26x
Australian Premium Solar 107.02x 772.87x 535.77x 0.0x 464.19x
IBL Finance 0.00x 11.13x 24.03x 0.0x 17.95x
Mainline IPO Subscription Status 2023
Company QIB NII RII EMP Total
Innova Captab 116.73x 64.95x 17.15x 0.0x 55.26x
Azad Engineering 179.64x 90.24x 24.51x 0.0x 83.04x
Mufti Menswear 104.95x 55.52x 19.94x 0.0x 51.85x
RBZ Jewellers 13.43x 9.27x 24.74x 0.0x 16.86x
Happy Forgings 214.65x 63.45x 15.40x 0.0x 82.63x
Suraj Estate Developers 25.74x 20.02x 9.85x 0.0x 16.57x
Motisons Jewellers 135.01x 311.99x 135.60x 0.0x 173.23x
Muthoot Microfin 18.35x 13.87x 8.00 0.0x 12.30x
Inox India 147.80x 53.20x 15.30x 0.0x 61.28x
India Shelter Finance 94.29x 29.97x 10.46x 0.0x 29.68x
DOMS 122.16x 70.06x 73.38x 29.21x 99.34x
Flair Writing 115.60x 33.37x 13.01x 0.0x 46.68x
Fedbank Financial Services 3.51x 1.45x 1.82x 1.34x 2.20x
Gandhar Oil Refinery 129.00x 62.23x 28.95x 0.0x 64.07x
Tata Technologies 203.41x 62.11x 16.50x 3.70x 69.43x
IREDA 104.57x 24.16x 7.73x 9.80x 38.80x
ASK Automotive 142.45x 35.47x 5.70x 0.0x 51.14x
Protean eGov Technologies 46.94x 31.62x 8.93x 1.49x 23.86x
ESAF Small Finance Bank 7.98x 45.72x 11.72x 3.38x 17.33x
Mamaearth 11.50x 4.02x 1.35x 4.88x 7.61x
Cello World 122.20x 25.65x 3.21x 2.74x 41.69x
Blue Jet Healthcare 13.72x 13.59x 2.24x 0.0x 7.95x
IRM Energy 44.73x 48.34x 9.29x 2.05x 27.05x
Plaza Wires 42.84x 388.09x 374.81x 0.0x 160.97x
Valiant Labrotories 20.83x 73.64x 16.06x 0.0x 29.76x
JSW Infrastructure 60.12x 16.83x 10.87x 0.0x 39.36x
Updater Services 4.50x 0.89x 1.45x 0.0x 2.96x
Manoj Vaibhav Gems 1.08x 5.40x 1.73x 0.0x 2.33x
Sai Silk Kalamandir 12.35x 2.47x 0.88x 0.0x 4.40x
Signature Global 12.71x 13.54x 6.82x 0.0x 11.82x
Yatra Online 2.05x 0.42x 2.11x 0.0x 1.61x
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean 16.73x 8.85x 5.94x 0.0x 12.57x
Samhi Hotels 8.82x 1.22x 1.11x 0.0x 5.33x
R R Kabel 52.26x 13.23x 2.13x 2.69x 18.69x
EMS Limited 153.02x 82.32x 29.79x 0.0x 75.28x
Jupiter Life Line Hospital 187.32x 34.75x 7.73x 0.0x 63.72x
Ratnaveer Precision Engineering 133.05x 135.21x 54.01x 0.0x 93..99x
Rishabh Instruments 72.54x 31.29x 8.43x 0.0x 31.65x
Vishnu Prakash R Punglia 171.69x 111.03x 32.01x 12.97x 87.82x
Aeroflex Industries 194.73x 126.13x 34.41 0.0x 97.11x
Pyramid Technoplast 9.94x 32.24x 14.72x 0.0x 18.29x
TVS Supply Chain Solutions 1.35x 2.35x 7.61x 0.0x 2.78x
Concord Biotech 67.67x 16.99x 3.78x 24.47x 24.86x
SBFC Finance 192.90x 49.09x 10.99x 5.87x 70.16x
Yatharth Hospital 85.10x 37.22x 8.34x 0.0x 36.15x
Netweb Technologies 220.69x 83.21x 19.48x 55.92x 90.55x
Utkarsh SFB 124.85x 81.64x 72.10x 16.58x 101.91x
Senco Gold 180.94x 64.98x 15.45x 0.0x 73.45x
Cyient DLM 95.87x 47.75x 52.17x 2.60x 71.35x
IdeaForge Technology 125.81x 80.58x 85.20x 96.65x 106.06x
HMA Agro Industries 1.74x 2.97x 0.96x 0.0x 1.12x
IKIO Lighting Limited 163.06x 65.38x 14.31x 0.0x 67.75x
Nexus Select Trust REIT 4.81x 0.0x 6.23x 0.0x 5.45x
Mankind Pharma 49.16x 3.80x 0.92x 0.0x 15.32x
Avalon Technologies 3.77x 0.43x 0.88x 0.0x 2.34x
Udayshivakumar Infra 42.92x 64.08x 14.95x 0.0x 32.49x
Global Surfaces 8.95x 33.10x 5.12x 0.0x 12.21x
Divgi Torqtransfer System 0.06x 0.22x 1.56x 0.0x 0.38x
Adani Enterprises FPO 1.26x 3.32x 0.12x 0.55x 1.12x
SME IPO Subscription Status 2023
Company QIB NII RII EMP Total
Kaushalya Logistics 92.62x 847.88x 375.44x 0.0x 390.88x
Kay Cee Energy 127.71x 1668.97x 1311.10x 0.0x 1052.45x
Shri Balaji Valve Components 70.04x 799.70x 169.95x 0.0x 276.44x
Manoj Ceramic Limited 0.0x 7.28x 10.73x 0.0x 9.00x
HRH Next Services 0.0x 66.91x 63.61x 0.0x 66.29x
Akanksha Power 38.51x 238.60x 110.44x 0.0x 117.39x
AIK Pipes And Polymers 0.0x 52.17x 30.93x 0.0x 43.57x
Sameera Agro and Infra 0.00 1.70x 4.14x 0.0x 2.92x
Trident Techlabs 117.91x 854.37x 1059.43x 0.0x 763.30x
Supreme Power Equipment 88.98x 489.10x 264.48x 0.0x 262.60x
Indifra Limited 0.0x 2.34x 12.07x 0.0x 7.21x
Shanti Spintex 14.34x 57.28x 22.01x 0.0x 27.38x
Electro Force India 0.0x 2.12x 6.44x 0.0x 4.28x
Sahara Maritime 0.0x 8.98x 36.35x 0.0x 22.67x
Shree OSFM E Mobility 0.0x 6.82x 9.30x 0.0x 8.52x
Siyaram Recycling 96.43x 597.72x 459.11x 0.0x 385.19x
Benchmark Computer Solution 0.0x 357.89x 590.26x 0.0x 484.49x
S J Logistics 116.16x 489.45x 356.33x 0.0x 316.26x
Presstonic Engineering 0.0x 133.65x 188.94x 0.0x 168.25x
Accent Microcell 118.48x 576.70x 409.95x 0.0x 362.41x
Sheetal Universal 0.0x 212.55x 129.73x 0.0x 179.20x
Marinetrans India 0.0x 18.05x 47.24x 0.0x 33.00x
Graphisads 0.0x 2.01x 5.52x 0.0x 3.86x
Net Avenue Technologies 61.99x 616.25x 721.89x 0.0x 511.21x
AMIC Forging 91.43x 589.27x 273.01x 0.0x 289.05x
Deepak Chemtex 96.80x 642.25x 475.36x 0.0x 4.3.03x
Swashthik Plascon 3.42x 35.76x 13.58x 0.0x 15.43x
Rockingdeals Circular 47.38x 458.60x 201.42x 0.0x 213.64x
Arrowhead Seperation Engineering 0.0x 46.02x 142.30x 0.0x 94.79x
Kalyani Cast Tech 66.35x 439.20x 190.95x 0.0x 208.59x
Rox Hi Tech 106.25x 366.86x 204.02x 0.0x 214.44x
Sunrest Lifescience 0.0x 29.17x 65.74x 0.0x 48.54x
Micropro Software Solutions 0.0x 22.60x 49.08x 0.0x 36.88x
Baba Food Processing 147.02x 84.73x 60.82x 0.0x 69.44x
SAR Televenture 77.00x 715.77x 222.10x 0.0x 288.09x
Mish Designs 0.0x 98.44x 166.74x 0.0x 135.43x
Vrundavan Plantation 0.0x 11.60x 25.51x 0.0x 18.57x
Transteel Seating Technologies 12.15x 122.88x 39.82x 0.0x 49.21x
Maitreya Medicare Limited 85.41x 744.03x 509.40x 0.0x 446.49x
KK Shah Hospitals 0.0x 17.75x 9.41x 0.0x 13.58x
Shanthala FMCG Products 0.0x 4.76x 3.05x 0.0x 3.91x
Paragon Fine And Speciality Chemicals 81.38x 419.46x 185.28x 0.0x 205.74x
On Door Concepts 0.0x 3.16x 7.87x 0.0x 5.59x
Rajgor Castor 35.52x 260.01x 80.70x 0.0x 107.43x
WomenCart 0.0x 56.30x 71.94x 0.0x 67.48x
Arvind and Company 0.0x 436.05x 321.97x 0.0x 385.03x
Committed Cargo 0.0x 94.20x 78.73x 0.0x 87.78x
Karnika Industries 0.0x 3.22x 2.91x 0.0x 3.07x
Plada Infotech 0.0x 39.81x 73.78x 0.0x 57.85x
Sharp Chucks 0.0x 38.76x 63.69x 0.0x 54.20x
Vishnusurya Projects 0.0x 36.32x 43.63x 0.0x 44.11x
Canarys Automations 2.73x 14.29x 11.70x 0.0x 9.94x
Oneclick Logistics 0.0x 139.45x 224.19x 0.0x 185.21x
Vivaa Tradecom 0.0x 0.70x 2.86x 0.0x 1.81x
Vinyas Innovative 42.74x 95.16x 21.27x 0.0x 43.24x
E Factor Experience 46.09x 168.26x 47.78x 0.0x 73.14x
Kontor Space 0.0x 41.87x 95.49x 0.0x 70.97x
Goyal Salt 67.20x 382.45x 377.97x 0.0x 294.61x
Sunita Tools 0.0x 5.27x 21.10x 0.0x 13.24x
City Crops Agro 0.0x 2.15x 4.78x 0.0x 3.47x
Arabian Petroleum 0.0x 15.72x 23.19x 0.0x 19.91x
Newjaisa Technologies 1.02x 15.34x 6.54x 0.0x 6.85x
Inspire Films 25.27x 147.16x 180.41x 0.0x 129.08x
Saakshi Medtech 37.35x 200.78x 75.88x 0.0x 91.65x
Digikore Studios 65.63x 362.65x 370.17x 0.0x 281.58x
Organic Recycling System 0.0x 4.28x 2.21x 0.0x 3.24x
Marco Cable 0.0x 24.36x 35.24x 0.0x 30.90x
Mangalam Alloys 0.0x 2.41x 8.73x 0.0x 5.57x
Hi-Green Carbon 69.95x 236.76x 196.35x 0.0x 168.92
Master Components 0.0x 5.89x 10.11x 0.0x 8.20x
Techknowgreen Solutions 0.0x 9.08x 15.82x 0.0x 12.98x
Madhusudan Masala 86.91x 574.08x 592.73x 0.0x 444.27x
Kody Technolab 0.0x 41.17x 53.56x 0.0x 51.55x
Holmarc Opto Mechatronics 0.0x 93.27x 75.78x 0.0x 85.81x
Cellecor Gadgets 57.58x 176.54x 124.08x 0.0x 116.33x
Kundan Edifice 0.0x 35.68x 44.13x 0.0x 42.27x
Chavda Infra 95.10x 241.96x 202.07x 0.0x 180.06x
Meson Valves India 0.0x 132.74x 203.02x 0.0x 173.65x
Jiwanram Sheoduttrai Industries 0.0x 69.75x 151.47x 0.0x 112.96x
Unihealth Consultancy 5.97x 37.65x 24.61x 0.0x 18.22x
Kahan Packging 0.0x 405.59x 1042.37 0.0x 730.45x
Pramara Promotions 0.0x 33.99x 17.14x 0.0x 25.71x
Basilic Fly Studio 116.34x 549.44x 415.22x 0.0x 358.60x
Saroja Pharma 0.0x 2.90x 14.83x 0.0x 8.88x
C P S Shapers 0.0x 198.17x 301.03x 0.0x 253.97x
Mono Pharmacare 10.89x 8.00x 19.40x 0.0x 5.06x
Sahaj Fashionns 0.0x 3.78x 11.72x 0.0x 7.75x
Sungarner Energies 0.0x 110.59x 192.89x 0.0x 152.38
Bondada Engineering 0.0x 115.46x 100.05x 0.0x 112.28x
Crop Life Science 0.0x 1.56x 7.15x 0.0x 4.36x
Shoora Designs 0.0x 34.68x 93.73x 0.0x 64.52x
Shelter Pharma 0.0x 6.59x 22.18x 0.0x 15.25x
Srivari Spices 79.10x 786.11x 517.95 0.0x 450.03x
Sangani Hospital 11.42x 1.38x 6.17x 0.0x 4.54x
Yudiz Solutions 2.81x 4.77x 6.41x 0.0x 5.03x
Vinsys IT Services 36.95x 105.72x 111.39x 0.0x 88.91x
Oriana Power 51.67x 172.84x 175.95x 0.0x 139.78x
Zeal Global Service 0.0x 4.26x 3.85x 0.0x 4.06x
Shri Techtex 58.03x 250.61x 156.24x 0.0x 148.36x
Innovatus Entertainment Networ 0.0x 56.58x 150.50x 0.0x 105.21x
Khazanchi Jewellers 0.0x 1.74x 0.78x 0.0x 1.26x
Yasons Chemex Care 0.0x 47.71x 68.76x 0.0x 59.60x
Asarfi Hospital 50.50x 451.62x 167.81x 0.0x 195.14x
Service Care 5.10x 2.64x 10.54x 0.0x 6.44x
Ahasolar Technologies 0.0x 23.37x 46.18x 0.0x 34.79x
Kaka Industries 72.13x 431.85x 358.88x 0.0x 292.66x
Drone Destination 50.46x 243.85x 250.09x 0.0x 191.65x
AccelerateBS India 0.0x 39.25x 59.11x 0.0x 49.19x
Alphalogic Industries 0.0x 4.24x 5.19x 0.0x 5.34x
Synoptics Technologies 0.0x 2.58x 2.54x 0.0x 2.66x
Tridhya Tech 15.62x 181.72x 67.62x 0.0x 72.38x
Global Pet Industries 0.0x 4.44x 4.14x 0.0x 4.30x
Pentagon Rubber 27.62x 153.33x 130.70x 0.0x 106.20x
Magson 0.0x 6.09x 7.38x 0.0x 6.74x
Greenchef Appliances 17.11x 96.01x 62.63x 0.0x 44.89x
Essen Speciality Films 45.26x 112.21x 68.07x 0.0x 71.03x
Veefin Solutions 0.0x 3.26x 1.65x 0.0x 2.46x
Aatmaj Healthcare 0.0x 36.78x 30.27x 0.0x 33.60x
Vilin Bio Med 0.0x 1.28x 4.31x 0.0x 2.80x
Cosmic CRF 3.76x 2.76x 0.60x 0.0x 1.16x
Cell Point (India) 0.0x 4.11x 7.92x 0.0x 6.03x
Bizotic Commercial 0.0x 2.00x 1.74x 0.0x 1.87x
Urban Enviro Waste Management 0.0x 281.41x 220.64x 0.0x 255.49x
Spectrum Talent Management 11.21x 11.68x 13.08x 0.0x 12.26x
Sonalis Consumer Products 0.0x 38.41x 48.31x 0.0x 43.48x
Kore Digital 0.0x 44.86x 33.26x 0.0x 39.46x
Comrade Appliances 21.86x 120.78x 72.08x 0.0x 71.92x
Sahana System 9.7x 6.41x 12.97x 0.0x 9.53x
CFF Fluid Control 0.0x 2.58x 1.67x 0.0x 2.15x
Infollion Research Services 70.72x 422.45x 264.1x 0.0x 259.71x
Proventus Agrocom 0.0x 4.3x 0.74x 0.0x 2.61x
Hemant Surgical Industries 41.05x 203.18x 158.73x 0.0x 139.7x
Vasa Denticity 37.26x 115.13x 58.07x 0.0x 67.99x
Crayons Advertising 45.2x 171.71x 169.94x 0.0x 137.28x
Remus Pharmaceuticals 10.75x 229.29x 49.58x 0.0x 57.12x
Krishca Strapping Solutions 36.1x 786.89x 572.83x 0.0x 336.57x
Auro Impex & Chemicals 31.67x 104.05x 50.72x 0.0x 66.94x
Innokaiz India 23.93x 224.93x 46.1x 0.0x 88.43x
De Neers Tools 3.72x 60.16x 11.88x 0.0x 15.08x
Innokaiz India 23.93x 303.92x 46.10x 0.0x 95.08x
Retina Paints 0.0x 6.10x 10.41x 0.0x 8.29x
Quicktouch Technologies 0.0x 160.40x 49.55x 0.0x 107.26x
A G Universal 0.0x 3.71x 2.54x 0.0x 3.36x
Pattech Fitwell Tube 0.0x 2.05x 1.90x 0.0x 1.97x
Sancode Technologies 0.0x 3.98x 3.39x 0.0x 3.68x
MOS Utility 11.67x 57.90x 11.98x 0.0x 21.14x
Exhicon Events 1.00x 3.28x 2.31x 0.0x 1.95x
Infinium Pharmachem 0.0x 1.80x 1.86x 0.0x 1.84x
Sotac Pharmaceuticals 1.00x 4.04x 0.91x 0.0x 1.60x
Maiden Forgings 0.48x 1.02x 0.46x 0.0x 0.64x
Command Polymers 0.0x 1.81x 0.98x 0.0x 1.39x
Dev Labtech Venture 0.0x 2.65x 8.24x 0.0x 5.47x
Nirman Agri Genetics 0.0x 1.22x 2.20x 0.0x 1.71x
Bright Outdoor Media 0.0x 1.39x 1.15x 0.0x 1.27x
Quality Foils 0.0x 464.50x 259.65x 0.0x 364.38x
Labelkraft Technologies 0.0x 46.84x 59.84x 0.0x 53.52x
VELS Film International 0.0x 1.22x 0.97x 0.0x 1.10x
Sudarshan Pharma Industries 1.01x 0.81x 1.20x 0.0x 1.06x
Prospect Commodities 0.0x 6.85x 3.76x 0.0x 5.31x
MCON Rasayan 0.0x 307.09x 453.41x 0.0x 384.64x
Systango Technologies 14.10x 230.36x 66.59x 0.0x 64.99x
Vertexplus Technologies 1.43x 35.15x 15.53x 0.0x 11.01x
ITCONS E-Solutions 0.0x 16.12x 17.45x 0.0x 16.79x
ResGen 1.09x 3.87x 3.88x 0.0x 2.50x
Amanaya Ventures 0.0x 0.77x 2.73x 0.0x 1.75x
SVJ Enterprises 0.0x 2.10x 0.89x 0.0x 1.49x
Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes 0.0x 7.12x 8.38x 0.0x 7.75x
Patron Exim 0.0x 0.97x 1.17x 0.0x 1.07x
Sealmatic India 8.71x 39.14x 12.06x 0.0x 13.50x
Macfos India 21.60x 659.99x 268.45x 0.0x 193.87x
Viaz Tyres 0.0x 5.32x 6.21x 0.0x 5.77x
Agarwal Float Glass 0.0x 3.13x 7.20x 0.0x 5.16x
Lead Reclaim 0.0x 87.56x 64.41x 0.0x 75.98x
Indong Tea 0.0x 2.17x 7.76x 0.0x 4.97x
Shera Energy 8.73x 190.12x 51.30x 1.46x 47.36x
Earthstahl & Alloys 39.83x 445.09x 191.55x 0.0x 235.10x
Gayatri Rubbers 0.0x 33.65x 42.23x 0.0x 37.94x
Transvoy Logistics 0.0x 200.00x 168.67x 0.0x 184.34x
Dharni Capital 0.0x 6.32x 6.83x 0.0x 6.57x
Aristo Biotech 0.0x 285.84x 149.59x 0.0x 217.72x
Ducol Organics 0.0x 58.15x 31.11x 0.0x 44.63x
Eastern Logica Infoway 0.0x 1.92x 1.56x 0.0x 1.74x
Chaman Metallics 0.0x 255.92x 159.85x 0.0x 207.88
Mainline IPO Subscription Status 2022
Sah Polymers 2.40x 32.69x 39.78x 0.0x 17.46x
Radiant Cash Management 1.01x 0.66x 0.21x 0.0x 0.53x
Elin Electronics 5.51x 3.29x 2.20x 0.0x 3.09x
Kfin Technologies 4.17x 0.23x 1.36x 0.0x 2.59x
Landmarks Cars 8.71x 1.32x 0.59x 2.93x 3.06x
Sula Vineyards 4.13x 1.51x 1.65x 0.0x 2.33x
Abans Holding 4.10x 1.48x 0.40x 0.0x 1.10x
Uniparts india 67.14x 17.86x 4.63x 0.0x 25.32x
Dharmaj Crop Guard 48.21x 52.29x 21.53x 7.48x 35.49x
Keystone Realtors 3.84x 3.03x 0.53x 0.0x 2.01x
Inox Green Energy 1.05x 0.47x 4.70x 0.0x 1.55x
Kaynes Technology 98.47x 21.21x 4.09x 11.89x 34.16x
Archean Chemical 48.91x 14.90x 9.95x 0.0x 32.22x
Five Star Business 1.77x 0.61x 0.11x 0.0x 0.70x
Global Health 28.64x 4.02x 0.88x 0.0x 9.58x
Bikaji Foods 80.63x 7.10x 4.77x 4.38x 26.67x
Fusion Microfinance 8.59x 1.38x 0.51x 0.0x 2.95x
DCX System 84.32x 43.97x 61.77x 0.0x 69.79x
Tracxn Technologies 1.66x 0.80x 4.87x 0.0x 2.01x
Electronics Mart 169.54x 63.59x 19.72x 0.0x 71.93x
Harsha Engineers 178.26x 71.32x 17.63x 12.07x 74.70x
Tamilnad Mercantile 1.62x 2.94x 6.48x 0.0x 2.86x
Dreamfolks Service 70.53x 37.66x 43.66x 0.0x 56.68x
Syrma SGS 87.56x 17.50x 5.53x 0.0x 32.61x
Aether Industries 17.57x 2.52x 1.14x 1.06x 6.26x
eMudhra 4.05x 1.28x 2.61x 0.0x 2.72x
Ethos Limited 1.06x 1.48x 0.84x 0.0x 1.04x
Pradeep Phosphates 3.01x 0.82x 1.37x 0.0x 1.75x
Venus Pipes 12.02x 15.66x 19.04x 0.0x 16.31x
Delhivery 2.66x 0.30x 0.57x 0.27x 1.63x
Prudent Corporate 1.26x 0.99x 1.29x 1.23x 1.22x
LIC 2.83x 2.91x 1.99x 4.40x 2.95x
Rainbow Children Medicare 38.90x 3.73x 1.38x 0.31x 12.43x
Campus Activewear 152.04x 22.25x 7.68x 2.11x 51.75x
Hariom Pipe 1.91x 8.87x 12.15x 0.0x 7.93x
Veranda Learning 2.02x 3.87x 10.76x 0.0x 3.53x
Uma Exports 2.81x 2.22x 10.11x 0.0x 7.67x
Ruchi soya FPO 2.20x 11.75x 0.90x 7.76x 3.60x
Vedant Fashion 7.49x 1.07x 0.39x 0.0x 2.57x
Adani Wilmar 5.73x 56.30x 3.92x 0.51x 17.37x
AGS Transact 2.68x 25.61x 3.08x 0.0x 7.79x
SME IPO Subscription Status 2022
SVS Ventures 0.0x 0.53x 2.01 0.0x 1.27x
Rex Sealing and Packing 0.0x 2.00x 3.30x 0.0x 2.65x
Anlon Technology 54.53x 883.58x 447.06x 0.0x 428.62x
RBM Infracon 0.0x 46.32x 34.33x 0.0x 40.32x
Moxsh Overseas 0.0x 93.10x 107.78x 0.0x 100.44x
Homesfy Reality 0.0x 26.82x 16.55x 0.0x 21.69x
Arihant Academy 0.0x 242.89x 228.85x 0.0x 235.87x
Uma Converter 0.0x 15.50x 17.82x 0.0x 16.66x
Dollex Agrotech 0.0x 1.46x 2.28x 0.0x 1.87x
Droneacharya Aerial 46.21x 287.80x 330.82x 0.0x 243.70x
All E-Technologies 13.53x 237.07x 132.46x 0.0x 88.69x
PNGS Gargi 0.0x 213.20x 248.44x 0.0x 230.82x
Arham Technologies 0.0x 417.59x 467.99x 0.0x 442.79x
Baheti Recycling 0.0x 259.21x 435.65x 0.0x 347.53x
Pritika Engineering 0.0x 144.30x 168.46x 0.0x 156.38x
AMBO Agritec 0.0x 323.51x 350.00x 0.0x 336.75x
Amiable Logistics 0.0x 186.03.x 281.98x 0.0x 234.00x
Technopack Polymers 0.0x 19.82x 19.81x 0.0x 19.81x
DAPS Advertising 0.0x 83.24x 48.57x 0.0x 65.90x
VItal Chemtech 15.48x 204.05x 116.98x 0.0x 79.33x
Ritezone Chemcon 0.0x 2.36x 7.10x 0.0x 4.73x
Integrated Personnel Service 0.0x 14.67x 24.49x 0.0x 19.58x
Phantom Digital Effects 14.75x 554.76x 207.08x 0.0x 164.22x
Vedant Asset 0.0x 42.98x 55.16x 0.0x 49.07x
Frog Cellsat 5.36x 70.94x 22.10x 0.0x 21.06x
Pace E-Commerce Ventures 0.0x 1.72x 0.55x 0.0x 1.14x
Swastik Pipe 0.0x 1.37x 1.33x 0.0x 1.35x
Cargosol Logistics 0.0x 84.61x 26.26x 0.0x 55.43x
Silicon Rental Solutions 0.0x 2.85x 2.92x 0.0x 2.89x
Lloyds Luxuries 0.0x 11.64x 1.81x 0.0x 6.73x
Indong Tea 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x
QMS Medical Allied 0.0x 1.25x 0.51x 0.0x 0.88x
Reetech International Cargo 0.0x 1.43x 1.92x 0.0x 1.67x
Cargotrans Maritime 0.0x 129.63x 166.86x 0.0x 148.25x
Concord Control Systems 15.18x 307.40x 424.26x 0.0x 202.41x
Cyber Media Research 6.29x 62.58x 27.84x 0.0x 22.31x
Maagh Advertising 0.0x 0.24x 0.27x 0.0x 0.25x
Trident Lifeline 0.0x 1.69x 0.98x 0.0x 1.34x
Steelman Telecom 7.78x 70.09x 22.82x 0.0x 22.40x
Insolation Energy 0.0x 150.02x 235.55x 0.0x 192.79x
Mafia Trends 0.0x 3.91x 5.97x 0.0x 4.94x
Containe Technologies 0.0x 155.13x 86.33x 0.0x 121.31x
Maks Energy 0.0x 36.20x 16.41x 0.0x 26.30x
Kandarp Digi Smart BPO 0.0x 0.88x 2.79x 0.0x 1.84x
Varanium Cloud 0.0x 5.83x 5.09x 0.0x 5.46x
Annapurna Swadisht 18.34x 301.13x 225.53x 0.0x 133.43x
Tapi Fruit Processing 0.0x 1.93x 3.32x 0.0x 2.62x
Ishan International 0.0x 1.60x 1.65x 0.0x 1.62x
Sabar Flex India 0.0x 116.46x 54.47x 0.0x 85.47x
Shantidoot Infra Services 0.0x 2.36x 3.33x 0.0x 2.85x
Infurnia Holdings Withdraw 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x 0.0x
Mega Flex Plastics 0.0x 52.82x 39.05x 0.0x 45.94x
Viviana Power Tech 0.0x 97.47x 72.95x 0.0x 85.21x
Virtuoso Optoelectronics 0.0x 112.87x 80.79x 0.0x 96.83x
EP Biocomposites 0.0x 21.58x 15.44x 0.0x 18.51x
Kore Mobile 0.0x 18.56x 11.38x 0.0x 14.97x
Dipna Pharmachem 0.0x 0.78x 4.75x 0.0x 2.77x
Ameya Engineers 0.0x 259.16x 243.53x 0.0x 251.35x
JFL Life Sciences 0.0x 6.19x 11.66x 0.0x 8.93x
Rhetan TMT 0.0x 2.18x 0.76x 0.0x 1.47x
Naturo Indiabull 0.0x 8.44x 32.08x 0.0x 20.26x
Olatech Solution ltd 0.0x 517.71x 679.94x 0.0x 598.82x
Veekayem Fashion and Apparels 0.0x 355.85x 247.09x 0.0x 301.47x
Upsurge Seeds of Agriculture 0.0x 101.70x 59.29x 0.0x 80.50x
Agni Green Power 0.0x 107.40x 39.92x 0.0x 73.66x
Healthy Life Agritec 0.0x 5.22x 11.19x 0.0x 8.21x
B Right Realestate 0.0x 1.82x 0.60x 0.0x 1.21x
Jayant Infratech 0.0x 4.23x 3.76x 0.0x 4.00x
SKP Bearing Industries 0.0x 10.20x 9.92x 0.0x 10.04x
Kesar India 0.0x 2.62x 0.91x 0.0x 1.77x
Mangalam Worldwide 0.0x 2.20x 0.46x 0.0x 1.33x
Veerkrupa Jewellers Limited 0.0x 1.04x 2.67x 0.0x 1.85x
Sailani Tours N Travels 0.0x 1.87x 4.61x 0.0x 3.24x
KCK Industries 0.0x 3.02x 8.79x 0.0x 5.61x
Pearl Green Clubs and Resorts 0.0x 1.78x 1.35x 0.0x 1.36x
Modis Navnirman 0.0x 2.76x 1.22x 0.0x 1.99x
Goel Food Products 0.0x 1.21x 2.07x 0.0x 1.64x
Scarnose International 0.0x 2.09x 2.34x 0.0x 2.09x
Silver Pearl Hospitality 0.0x 0.80x 2.56x 0.0x 1.68x
Fidel Softech Limited 0.0x 138.34x 67.44x 0.0x 102.89x
Globesecure Technologies 0.0x 23.70x 4.64x 0.0x 14.17x
Rachana Infratructure 0.0x 1.82x 0.60x 0.0x 1.21x
Sonu Infratech 0.0x 13.43x 19.60x 0.0x 16.52x
Le Merite Exports 0.0x 15.27x 16.10x 0.0x 15.69x
Nanavati Ventures 0.0x 13.86x 51.17x 0.0x 32.52x
Fone4 Communications 0.0x 7.43x 22.07x 0.0x 14.75x
Global Longlife Hospital 0.0x 1.60x 1.40x 0.0x 1.50x
Shashwat Furnishing Solutions 0.0x 2.43x 6.81x 0.0x 4.62x
Eighty Jewellers 0.0x 2.88x 2.03x 0.0x 2.45x
Dhyaani Tile 0.0x 1.96x 2.36x 0.0x 2.16x
Sunrise Efficient Marketing 0.0x 1.78x 1.13x 0.0x 1.76x
Jeena Sikho 0.0x 2.80x 1.69x 0.0x 2.25x
Krishna Defence 8.84x 159.90x 132.25x 0.0x 74.83x
Empyrean Cashews 0.0x 2.92x 1.63x 0.0x 2.28x
PE Analytics 13.22x 126.40x 58.71x 0.0x 46.17x
Achyut Healthcare 0.0x 1.95x 6.75x 0.0x 4.35x
Evoq Remedies Ltd 0.0x 0.30x 3.03x 0.0x 1.67x
Swaraj Suiting Ltd 0.0x 13.81x 10.46x 0.0x 12.13x
KN Agri Resources 10.66x 777.64x 87.52x 0.0x 151.90x
Bhatia Colour Chem 0.0x 2.69x 0.18x 0.0x 1.43x
Cools Caps Industries 0.0x 4.57x 11.25x 0.0x 7.91x
SP Refactories Ltd 0.0x 5.64x 4.85x 0.0x 7.24x
Shigan Quantum Technologies 0.0x 27.70x 8.21x 0.0x 17.95x
Ekennis Software 0.0x 36.99x 19.00x 0.0x 28.00x
Madhavbaug 0.0x 2.66x 2.98x 0.0x 2.82x
Richa Info System 0.0x 3.16x 6.87x 0.0x 5.02x
Maruti Interior Product 0.0x 107.03x 39.78x 0.0x 73.41x
Safa System & Technologies 0.0x 64.61x 40.79x 0.0x 52.70x
Quality RO Industries 0.0x 4.46x 10.06x 0.0x 7.26x
Precision Metaliks 0.0x 2.81x 11.90x 0.0x 7.36x
Alkosign 0.0x 3.14x 6.39x 0.0x 4.76x
Dj Mediaprint FPO 0.0x 5.50x 14.32x 0.0x 9.91x
Upstox Referal
Groww referal

IPO Subscription FAQs:

What is an IPO Subscription?

Whenever an investor invests in an IPO. So the subscription data of the company is counted, which shows how much demand is in the future, it shows that when the IPO membership becomes high, then the allotment of IPO is done by a lottery system. If you understand it in simple language, then if the IPO of any company is of 100 shares and 800 people have applied for it, then it means that the IPO has been subscribed 8 times, in which the ratio of 8:1 is made, it means out of 8 people. That IPO will be allotted to only one person.

What is the total subscription in IPO?

When all the categories of QIB, NII, RII & EMP in any IPO are subscribed by all the investors and the total subscription thereof is called the total subscription.

What is the QIB subscription?
When an IPO is subscribed by a qualified Institution Buyer in any IPO, it is called a QIB Subscription.

What is the NII subscription?

When an IPO is subscribed by a Non-Institutional Buyer in any IPO, it is called NII Subscription.

What is the RII subscription?
When an IPO is subscribed by a Retail Investors Buyer in any IPO, it is called an RII Subscription.

What is the EMP subscription?
When the IPO is subscribed by the Employee Buyer of the company in an IPO, it is called EMP Subscription.


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