Upcoming SME IPO 2022, || List of Upcoming SME IPO 2022,

There are many Upcoming SME IPO coming into the stock market, in some, the investors lose the profits and in some, the investors lose, that’s why some SME IPO 2022 companies have IPOs that are small in the stock market to get their companies out of the financial crisis. List the companies so that they can invest the money of the investors in the growth of the company, in this, there are some companies that can increase your earnings almost ten times or more.

Upcoming SME IPO

SME stands for Small And Medium Enterprises which are major contributors to India’s economy. They are the providers of 40% of jobs in India and they contribute about 45% of production in India. Technically, the condition of SME companies in India is very poor. That is why the biggest challenge before him is the financial crisis.

Therefore SME companies are small companies opened by the stock exchange so that investors can raise money to meet its financial crisis in the stock market. There are two major stock exchange platforms in India which are the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE SME) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Here we will provide you all those SME IPO 2022 Lists which is ready to be listed in the stock market recently. For more information and latest updates follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube etc.

Upcoming SME IPO 2022

SME IPODatePrice BandSize (Cr)Plateform
B Right Real Estate Closed30 Jun – 05 Jul₹153₹44.36BSE, SME
Jayant Infratech Closed30 Jun – 05 Jul₹67₹6.19BSE, SME
Kesar India Industries Closed30 Jun – 04 Jul₹170₹15.82BSE, SME
SKP Bearing industries Closed30 Jun – 05 Jul₹70₹30.80NSE, SME
Mangalam Worldwide Closed30 Jun – 04 Jul₹101₹65.58NSE, SME
Veerkrupa Jewellers Closed29 Jun – 05 Juy₹27₹8.10BSE, SME
Sailani Tours N Travels Closed27 Jun – 30 Jun₹15₹1.90BSE, SME
Pearl Green Clubs and Resorts Closed27 Jun – 29 Jun₹186₹11.72BSE, SME
KCK Industries Closed27 Jun – 30 Jun₹30₹4.50NSE, SME
Modi’s Navnirman Closed23 Jun – 28 Jun₹180₹22.68BSE, SME
Goel Food Product Closed15 Jun – 20 Jun₹72₹7.21BSE, SME
Scarnose International Closed14 Jun – 17 Jun₹55₹6.60BSE, SME
Silver Pearl Hospitality Closed06 Jun – 09 Jun₹18₹9.00BSE, SME
Fidel Softech Closed30 May – 02 Jun₹37₹13.51NSE, SME
Globesecure Technologies Closed23 May – 25 May₹29₹10.12NSE, SME
Rachana Infrastructure Closed20 May – 02 Jun₹138₹77.97NSE, SME
Sonu Infratech Closed29 Apr – 05 May₹36₹8.64NSE, SME
Nanavati Ventures Closed25 Apr – 27 Apr₹50₹2.18BSE, SME
Fone4 Communications Closed25 Apr – 27 Apr₹10₹6.80BSE, SME
Le Merite Exports Closed25 Apr – 28 Apr₹75₹48.00NSE, SME
Global Longlife Hospital Closed21 Apr – 25 Apr₹140₹49.00BSE, SME
Shashwat Furnishing Solutions Closed20 Apr – 25 Apr₹45₹2.51BSE, SME
Eighty Jewellers Closed31 Mar – 05 Apr₹41₹11.07BSE, SME
Sunrise Efficient Marketing Closed30 Mar – 05 Apr₹150₹16.70BSE, SME
Dhyaani Tile Closed30 Mar – 04 Apr₹51₹2.45BSE, SME
Jeena Sikho Closed30 Mar – 07 Apr₹150₹55.50NSE, SME
Krishna defence Closed25 Mar – 29 Mar₹39₹11.89NSE, SME
Empyrean Cashews Closed21 Mar – 23 Mar₹37 ₹19.41NSE, SME
PE Analytics Closed22 Mar – 25 Mar₹114 ₹31.60 NSE, SME
Achyut Healthcare Closed17 Mar – 22 Mar₹20 ₹4.00 BSE, SME
Evoq Remedies Ltd Closed17 Mar – 22 Mar₹27 ₹9.72 BSE, SME
Swaraj Suiting Ltd Closed15 Mar – 17 Mar₹56 ₹10.68NSE, SME
KN Agri Resources Closed15 Mar – 17 Mar₹75 ₹49.38NSE, SME
Bhatia Colour Chem Open14 Mar -16 Mar₹80 ₹40.00BSE, SME
Cool Caps Industries Closed10 Mar – 15 Mar₹38 11.63NSE, SME
SP Refactories Limited Closed09 Mar – 11 Mar₹90 ₹50 NSE, SME
Shigan Quantum Technologies Closed28 Feb – 03 Mar₹50 ₹4.92NSE, SME
Ekkenis Software Closed21 Feb – 24 Feb₹72 ₹2.88BSE, SME
Madhavbaug Limited Closed10 Feb – 15 Feb₹73 ₹20.23NSE, SME
Richa Info System Closed09 Feb – 11 Feb₹125 ₹10.00NSE, SME
Maruti Interior Product Closed03 Feb – 09 Feb₹55 ₹11.00 BSE, SME
Safa System & Technologies Closed28 Jan – 01 Feb₹10 ₹4.00 BSE, SME
Quality RO Industries Closed27 Jan – 01 Feb₹51 ₹2.70 BSE, SME
Precision Metaliks Closed19 Jan – 24 Jan ₹51₹21.93NSE, SME
Alkosign Limited Closed18 Jan – 21 Jan ₹45₹12.15BSE, SME
DJ Mediaprint Logistic Closed18 Jan – 20 Jan ₹125₹15.00BSE, SME
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SME IPO 2021 List

SME IPOsDatePlatform
Fabino Life Sciences Closed31 Dec – 05 Jan BSE, SME
Timescan Logistics Closed31 Dec – 04 JanNSE, SME
Ascensive Educare Closed30 Dec – 04 JanBSE, SME
AB Cotspin India Closed30 Dec – 03 JanNSE, SME
Vivo Collaboration Closed20 Dec – 23 DecNSE, SME
Brandbucket Media Closed20 Dec – 23 DecBSE, SME
Wherrelz IT Solutions Closed16 Dec – 21 Dec BSE, SME
Clara Industries Closed16 Dec – 21 DecBSE, SME
Euro Panel Product Closed14 Dec – 16 Dec NSE, SME
Foce India Closed13 Dec – 17 DecNSE, SME
Nupur Recyclers Closed13 Dec – 15 DecNSE ,SME
DMR Hydroengineering Closed24 Nov – 29 NovBSE, SME
Omnipotent Industries Closed16 Nov – 22 NovBSE, SME
SGFRL Closed01 Nov – 08 NovBSE, SME
Nidan Laboratories Closed28 Oct – 02 NovNSE ,SME
Kotyark Industries Closed21 Oct -25 OctNSE, SME
D K Enterprises Closed07 Oct -12 OctNSE, SME
CWD Limited Closed30 Sep – 5 OctBSE, SME
Adishakti Loha and Ispat Closed30 Sep – 5 OctBSE, SME
Bombay Matrics Closed30 Sep – 4 OctNSE, SME
Samor Reality Closed30 Sep – 5 OctBSE, SME
Promax Power Closed30 Sep – 4 OctBSE, SME
Dynamic Service & Security Closed30 Sep – 5 OctNSE, SME
Destiny Logistics Closed30 Sep – 5 OctNSE, SME
Shri Venkatesh Refineries Closed29 Sep – 1 OctBSE, SME
Jainam Ferro Alloys Closed28 Sep – 30 SepNSE, SME
Getalong Enterprises Closed27 Sep – 30 Sep BSE, SME
Quadpro ITes Limited Closed20 Sep – 22 SepNSE, SME
SBL Infratech Closed16 Sep -20 Sep BSE, SME
Markolines Traffic Control Closed15 Sep – 20 SepBSE, SME
Prevest Denpro Closed15 Sep – 20 SepBSE, SME
SBL Infratech Closed16 Sep – 20 SepBSE, SME
Platinumone Business Closed2 Sep – 7 SepBSE, SME
BEW Engineering Limited Closed2 Sep – 7 SepNSE, SME
Naapbooks Closed1 Sep – 6 SepBSE, SME
Du Digital Technology Closed12 Aug – 16 AugNSE, SME
Aashka Hospitals Closed10 Aug – 24 AugBSE, SME
Rex Pipes and Cables Closed28 July – 2 AugNSE, SME
Network People Services Closed28 July – 2 AugNSE, SME
Gretex Corporate Services Closed27 July – 30 JulyBSE, SME
AA plus Tradelink Closed8 July – 13 JulyBSE, SME
Walpar Nutritions Closed30 June – 5 JulyNSE, SME
Focus Bussiness Closed30 June – 5 JulyBSE, NSE
Adeshwar Meditex Closed15 June – 18 JuneBSE, SME
Time Green Energy Closed16 June – 22 JuneBSE, SME
Navoday Enterprises Closed14 June – 17 JuneBSE, SME
Abhishek Integrations Closed8 June – 11 JuneNSE, SME
Kuberan Global Closed20 Mar – 27 AprBSE, SME
Jetmall Spices Closed31 Mar – 07 AprBSE, SME
Rajeshwari Cans Closed31 Mar – 06 AprBSE, SME


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