LIC IPO GMP, Grey Market Premium, Kostak & Subject Today


LIC IPO will be open on 04 May 2022 and closes on 09 May 2022. LIC IPO GMP Kostak rate and Subject to Sauda updated as of Today. LIC IPO Grey Market Premium has been Started with low Premium Rates, We need to wait for the rates to change with the Market Sentiment in a few days or to Stabilize the Rates. Check LIC IPO Subscription Status here.

The Life insurance Corporation (LIC) of India was established on 1 September 1956 headquartered in the city of Mumbai. LIC is India’s only government-owned insurance provider company. They are providing life insurance in India for more than 65 years and is the largest life insurer company in India. LIC was formed by merging and nationalizing 245 private life insurance companies in India on September 1, 1956, with an initial capital of ₹50.00 million. From our Corporation’s incorporation until 2000, we were the only life insurer in India.

The Currently LIC functions with 2048 fully computerized branch offices, 8 zonal offices, around 113 divisional offices, 2,048 branches and 1408 satellite offices and the Central Office. it also has 73 customer zones and 25 metro-area service hubs located in different cities and towns of India. It also has a network of 1,537,064 individual agents, 342 Corporate Agents, 109 Referral Agents, 114 Brokers and 42 Banks for soliciting life insurance business from the public.

LIC IPO Issue size of ₹20,557.00 Crores, in which Fresh Issue of ₹- Crores and Offer For Sale of ₹20,557.00 Crores and issue price band has been fixed at ₹902-₹949 Per Share. The LIC IPO to be listed Soon on NSE and BSE.

What is LIC IPO GMP Today?

The LIC IPO GMP Today Or Grey Market Premium is ₹-15-₹-20.

What is LIC IPO Kostak Rates Today?

The LIC IPO Kostak rate is ₹0.

What is LIC IPO Subject to Sauda Price Today?

The LIC IPO Subject to Sauda rates is ₹0.

LIC IPO Approximately Returns?

The LIC IPO’s approximate return is %-%. And it can also change according to the Market Sentiment.

LIC IPO GMP Live, Kostak,& Subject to Sauda :

17 May 2022List – ₹872.00₹0₹0
16 May 2022₹-15-₹-20₹0₹0
15 May 2022₹-25-₹-30₹0₹0
14 May 2022₹-25-₹-30₹0₹0
13 May 2022₹-20-₹-30₹0₹0
12 May 2022₹-10-₹-15₹0₹0
11 May 2022₹-10-₹-15₹0₹0
10 May 2022₹5-₹8₹0₹0
09 May 2022₹5-₹8₹0₹0
08 May 2022₹35-₹40₹800₹1200
07 May 2022₹40-₹45₹1000₹1200
06 May 2022₹45-₹50₹1000₹1200
05 May 2022₹60-₹65₹1000₹1300
04 May 2022₹60-₹65₹1000₹1800
03 May 2022₹60-₹65₹1500₹1800
02 May 2022₹70-₹75₹1500₹1800
01 May 2022₹85-₹90₹1500₹1800
30 Apr 2022₹85-₹90₹1500₹1800
29 Apr 2022₹55-₹60₹1100₹1400
28 Apr 2022₹40-₹45₹600₹1000
27 Apr 2022₹40-₹45₹600₹1000
26 Apr 2022₹20-₹25₹600₹1000
25 Apr 2022₹20-₹25₹400₹1000
24 Apr 2022₹15-₹20₹0₹0
23 Apr 2022₹0-₹0₹0₹0
22 Apr 2022₹0-₹0₹0₹0
21 Apr 2022₹0-₹0₹0₹0
20 Apr 2022₹0-₹0₹0₹0

LIC IPO Date & Price Band & Details :

IPO Open :04 May 2022
IPO Close :09 May 2022
IPO Size :₹20,557.00. Approx Cr
Face Value :₹10 Rs. Equity Share
Price Band :₹902–₹949 Per Share
Listing On :BSE, NSE
Issue Size :₹20,557.00. Approx Cr
Fresh Issue :₹- Cr
Offer For Sale :20,557.00. Cr
Discount :RII – ₹45, EMP – ₹60
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LIC IPO Market Lot :

LIC IPO Minimum Market lot is 1 Lot with 15 shares with ₹14,235 Application amount. The retail investors can apply up to 14 lots with 210 Shares or ₹199,290 amounts.

Minimum Lot Size :1 Lot
Minimum Share :15 Shares
Minimum Amount :₹14,235
Maximum Lot Size :14 Lot
Maximum shares :210 Shares
Maximum Amount :₹199,290

LIC IPO Dates :

LIC IPO Date is 04 May 2022 and closes on 09 May 2022. The allotment will be finalized on 12 May 2022 and the IPO may list on 17 May 2022.

Open Date :04 May 2022
Close Date :09 May 2022
Allotment Date :12 May 2022
Refund Date :13 May 2022
Share Credit Date :16 May 2022
Listing Date :17 May 2022

LIC IPO Form :

There are two ways to apply in LIC IPO. You can apply for LIC IPO through ASBA available in your bank account. You have to go to your online bank login and select LIC IPO in the Invest section and apply through your bank account. Another option is you can apply for LIC IPO through IPO form download through NSE and BSE. See the LIC IPO Form – Download the NSE Form and BSE Form IPO Form, fill it, and submit it to your bank or your broker.

LIC Company Financial Report ( in millions) :


About LIC Company :

Source LIC Official The story of insurance is probably as old as the story of mankind. The same instinct that prompts modern businessmen today to secure themselves against loss and disaster existed in primitive men also. They too sought to avert the evil consequences of fire and flood and loss of life and were willing to make some sort of sacrifice in order to achieve security. Though the concept of insurance is largely a development of the recent past, particularly after the industrial era – past few centuries – yet its beginnings date back almost 6000 years.

Life Insurance in its modern form came to India from England in the year 1818. Oriental Life Insurance Company started by Europeans in Calcutta was the first life insurance company on Indian Soil. All the insurance companies established during that period were brought up with the purpose of looking after the needs of European community and Indian natives were not being insured by these companies. However, later with the efforts of eminent people like Babu Muttylal Seal, the foreign life insurance companies started insuring Indian lives. But Indian lives were being treated as sub-standard lives and heavy extra premiums were being charged on them.

Bombay Mutual Life Assurance Society heralded the birth of first Indian life insurance company in the year 1870, and covered Indian lives at normal rates. Starting as Indian enterprise with highly patriotic motives, insurance companies came into existence to carry the message of insurance and social security through insurance to various sectors of society. Bharat Insurance Company (1896) was also one of such companies inspired by nationalism. The Swadeshi movement of 1905-1907 gave rise to more insurance companies.

The United India in Madras, National Indian and National Insurance in Calcutta and the Co-operative Assurance at Lahore were established in 1906. In 1907, Hindustan Co-operative Insurance Company took its birth in one of the rooms of the Jorasanko, house of the great poet Rabindranath Tagore, in Calcutta. The Indian Mercantile, General Assurance and Swadeshi Life (later Bombay Life) were some of the companies established during the same period. Prior to 1912 India had no legislation to regulate insurance business. In the year 1912, the Life Insurance Companies Act, and the Provident Fund Act were passed.


How much is LIC IPO GMP Today?
LIC IPO GMP Today is ₹-15-₹-20.

How much is LIC IPO Grey Market Premium?
LIC IPO is Grey Market Premium ₹-15-₹-20.

What is LIC IPO Kostak Rate?                     
LIC IPO Kostak Rate is ₹0.

What is LIC IPO Subject to Sauda?
LIC IPO Subject to Deals is ₹0.

What are LIC IPO Approx Returns?
LIC IPO approx Returns is %-%. And it can also change according to the Market Sentiment.

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LIC IPO GMP, Grey Market Premium, Kostak & Subject Today

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